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error probs heat

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[QUOTE = captainakba;1357863] hello,well in my case yes yes yes. most games usually run ok with mb and cpu temp running a little hot, its just that fsx generaly is a big game for pc to handle, spiecialy if you are using two monitors for fsx. and things start to heat up more so then other games. symtoms are 90% the problems i have had on my pc, and other peoples writing in with same issues. SAME dll quotes etc etc. ONLY if your fsx worked fine before on your pc,and you think you have check and double checked if pc or fsx is having issues, Example: when fsx gives you errors, freezes, etc. -----then its worth checking out.----- (temp etc). my fsx still kickn butt, no probs yet. Hope you check heat temp and get back with results. all the best.[/QUOTE] cu

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