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a beginning of sorts.

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This is my first Blog! The idea of blogging has always appealled to me; mainly because I talk to much and I've always got an opinion. If you follow this website's forums you know that I post nearly every day. That makes it automatically a good place for me to start my blogging----just because I'm 'here' a lot.

I've always taken pride in my narrative and descriptive writing skills. I feel I have a natural ability to place a reader (or listener, for that matter) in the situation; to make them feel the story if you will. Unfortunately, I'm not doing this because I think I'm good. I'm blogging because I lack the ability to convey thought in an organized and adult manner. All the ability to analogize and be creative in the world won't help you if you ramble!! Noone will pay attention, and you sound like a madman instead of the great prophet. What's the point in writing or speaking if noone will read or listen? After all, writing is a only a great form of expression if done properly. History shows us that wars have been started because emotions were not properly conveyed on paper.

Hopefully through the critiqueing and reading of a few others, I will turn myself into a much better writer. I believe with work, my small writing beanstalk can reach castles in the sky.

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  1. xxmikexx's Avatar

    You found us! How very nice to have you here in the blogosphere. It's like Wyoming -- a secret place, wonderful to live in, unknown to the outside world (thank goodness).

    You've done some excellent writing in Outer Marker, I hope you'll do more of it here, where it would seem that we're not even restricted to FS/aviation.

    How about starting a new thread to tell us about your growing up on that ranch?
  2. Ranie Smith's Avatar
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