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Top 4 Problems With Flying and How to Tackle Them

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Let's face it, flying is an insanely convenient form of travel, but it comes with its fair share of hassles. You could live ten lifetimes before meeting someone who genuinely enjoys the process of air travel, from security to customs. But thankfully, experienced travelers have tackled most of the major issues and have come up with ways to overcome them.

Lack of Entertainment
Say you've prepared so well for this flight that you can't imagine having a moment of boredom. But with all the books, movies, and in-flight WiFi in the world, you'll most likely have that moment during the flight when you regret not packing XYZ thing. Especially with how often the in-flight entertainment is broken on economy flights, you might find yourself trying to nap more often than not. Do yourself a favor and download a few episodes of a really exciting podcast and pack a book you know you'll want to read. This isn't the time to pack that Lincoln biography or learn about how to create a good runbook - you can save that content for your layover.

Cramped Seating
Hands down one of the worst aspects of commercial flight is the cramped space. Unless you're lucky enough to be very short, your legs are going to get cramped and it's unlikely that you'll be comfortable when you attempt to take a nap. That's why experienced flyers will tell you that maximizing your legroom is of the utmost importance. You might not need that entire tote bag full of books and snacks - try grabbing what you need before tucking the rest away in the overhead compartment.

In addition, it might be possible for you to move to another seat if you're craving your own elbow rest. Asking politely can get you a lot more than most people imagine during flights. Lastly, don't forget to get up and stretch, especially on those long flights.

Flying Anxiety
Even the most experienced flyers will occasionally experience fear and anxiety while in the air, especially when there's unusual turbulence or unexpected noises. Fear of flying is extremely common, but there are a few things you can do to help yourself feel empowered and get on flights without a panic attack. First of all, if you have a prescription for anxiety, make sure you've taken your medication that day. Your doctor might be able to provide you with something stronger for the flight if your fear is debilitating.

But for those without medication, learning some mindfulness meditation techniques can go a long way towards keeping you calm during takeoff. Others find it more helpful to distract themselves with loud music or conversation. Don't be afraid to experiment and find out what will help you in these situations.

Bloating, dry skin, and that general feeling of ick that comes from flying are all generally caused by one thing - dehydration. Even if you remember to bring your water bottle and refill it after security, it can be tough to remember to drink it. Plus, you have the added component of having to climb over your seatmate to get to the bathroom.

No matter how inconvenient it might be, however, it's vitally important to stay hydrated. Issues like UTIs and kidney infections are severe consequences of dehydration, and nobody wants to wind up with a kidney stone on vacation. Combat that dry airplane air by setting a reminder on your phone to drink water every half hour - you might be surprised by how much better you feel once you arrive. Remember to take good care of yourself and find ways to make your travels a lot more pleasant.

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