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A Look Into the Interesting Life of Pilots

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Airline pilots always seem to have a certain air of mystery about them. Regular people might wonder what these highly-trained individuals do in their spare time and even when they are in the cockpit of a plane. They also might wonder about the reasons why a person became a pilot in the first place, and if they love their job or if they find it stressful. Here is a look at some of the things that make airline pilots tick.

Music Preferences
The FAA does allow pilots to listen to music while they are flying, provided the music does not pose a distraction. What music each pilot enjoys comes down to personal preference, but a station such as 107.5 FM is probably enjoyed by many pilots. It is easy to imagine these pilots on a long flight filling the hours by listening to some of the most current hits on the radio.

Listening to a ballad by Adele can be a relaxing experience, but it can provide enough stimulation to keep the pilot alert. Pilots also will have access to talk radio on sports topics and politics as well as a variety of podcasts. The pilots also have the ability to quickly silence the radio if they need to talk with someone, make an announcement or engage in any other activity.

Training Requirements
The level of training a pilot needs depends upon the job. Commercial pilots require a very high level of training that involves everything from medical certifications to a minimum amount of air time. The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for establishing the training requirements for pilots, and these can be broken down into several areas:
  • Pilot study materials
  • Pilot schools
  • Air carrier training
  • Simulator training
  • Training research

The end result is a pilot who can handle a wide range of emergencies. This includes dealing with dangerous stalls and managing turbulence on long flights.

Famous Pilots

While nearly all pilots provide excellent services to their passengers, a few pilots become well known due to unusual circumstances. There are many famous pilot lists that name pilots who have done something extraordinary in their careers. Most people will recognize these well-known pilots:
  • The Wright brothers, credited with ushering in the age of aviation
  • Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
  • Paul Tibbets, who flew the Enola Gay and dropped the Hiroshima bomb in WWII
  • General Chuck Yeager, who gained fame as the first person to break the sound barrier
  • Tom Cruise, who played a pilot in "Top Gun" and earned a pilot license in 1994
  • Harrison Ford, who has held a pilot's license for over 40 years

Aviation history is full of pilots who accomplished remarkable feats. Beryl Markham was the first woman to fly solo from Europe to North America, accomplishing the flight by barely making it to the Canadian mainland. James Salter served as a pilot in WWII and later wrote about his experience in novels.

Interesting Facts
Being a pilot is no ordinary job as these people hold the lives of many people in their capable hands. They also have a few unique traits that might not be all that well known. For example, many pilots keep photos of their loved ones in their pilot hats. It is just a reminder that this is a potentially dangerous job and they want to be reminded of those closest to them.

Pilots also come with a few added powers. Many can write fines and they can even write a person's will. The former is presumably in case someone misbehaves while in the air, and the latter is because sometimes people fall seriously ill on a flight and might not have their affairs in order. Pilots must also take good care of themselves while in the air and therefore should avoid eating certain foods when on the job.
Pilots make many sacrifices to keep their passengers safe. They lead interesting lives in many respects.

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