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The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on The Airline Industry

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The sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) over time can lead to an increase in the effectiveness of services across many industries. The airline industry is one such area of the economy that will become better with the implementation of future ai systems. This technology can be utilized in multiple services across various air travel companies. Below, you will find multiple examples of such uses.

Customer Service
AI programs, such as those made with wafer scale integration, can make airport environments and services much more satisfying for customers in several ways. It can take feedback from travelers, organize the data from all of the complaints or praises, and determine which aspects are causing customers the most frustration, such as in booking flights or checking in. The program can then alert the necessary officials to this pattern and it will be fixed.

Helping customers with problems on their journeys is another application. Software such as chatbots can assist in problem-solving and answering questions, which makes workers less likely to be overwhelmed by the multitudes. Other types of programs can track the baggage of voyagers and quickly scan their important documents at security checks.

By analyzing the spending habits, AI can predict different data points and use them to make it easier for airlines to reduce waste and raise their ticket sales. By determining what individual passengers will purchase on their flights, suggestions can be made as to what and how much of certain foods should be brought onto each unique flight. Less food will be wasted in this way.

Analyzing the metrics of ticket sales can prove fruitful as well. By looking through the data of different purchases, the most popular flight routes and the likelihood of certain individuals buying a ticket at particular prices can be predicted. This can help airlines know where they need to increase flights and how much they can sell tickets to certain customers in order to get the most profit.

Plane Function Optimization
Airplanes can be flying in their most optimal conditions and less revenue is lost from mechanical failures when AI programs are placed into the machinery of aircraft. Using information that tells software about issues that have occurred with different parts and how long they usually remain in good function, potential breakdowns can be predicted and technicians can be alerted to and fix these problems before they happen.

Fuel optimization is another area that can benefit. The amount of fuel used on particular flights can be matched with the altitudes, distances, times, and weather. Then pilots and route planners can determine what actions would use the least amount of fuel.

Staff Management
As flights can be optimized for the best routes and actions, so can the crew and staff of companies be organized in a way that makes them work at their most productive and legal levels. Workers have to be given schedules that will give them enough time to sleep in between shifts. Their vacation times and off-days need to be considered as well. Then there's the whole matter of matching different levels of skill so that a pilot that is too inexperienced isn't scheduled to fly an entire route alone.

Before, this had to be managed by professional schedulers alone. In the modern-day, lines of code can be written which can take all this information about employees and use it to make the best possible shifts for them. With the scheduling taken care of, human workers can be placed into other areas where they can perform tasks that are more important and less repetitive.

Placing AI technologies into airline systems will not only make the jobs of airline crew members, technicians and other workers easier, it will also give airline passengers a better journey experience. This should be worth some of the hassles that airline companies will have to go through as they slowly integrate the technology into their various business processes.

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