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Five Airline Marketing Strategies

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There are many different types of advertising and marketing techniques available these days. Some of the tried and true strategies you have always used may still work, but it is never a bad idea to consider new ways. If you are in the airline business or responsible for marketing for an airline company, you should read this article for tips.

Consider Email Marketing
Most adults and even older children have an email account, if not several accounts, that they check daily or multiple times a day. These same people probably have a need or interest in taking an airplane somewhere. Because of this, email marketing is definitely something that you should consider. There are several ways that email marketing can be achieved, depending on what your goals are.

You may want to email recent customers surveys and feedback on their flights. Emails give you a way to communicate with current and potential customers. You can use it to collect data, improve sales, and reach many people at the same time. Email is a great way to display current and future campaigns as well. Sending emails out promoting your business can also lead to website traffic and interaction.

Take Advantage of Social Media
Once you spend some time on social media you will learn that a major part of posts and hashtags is relevant to travel and tourism. This means people are taking selfies of themselves at the airport, on the plane, and once they have landed. Influencers may even show their plane ticket to their followers to show them where they are headed to.

It is in your best interest for your airline to have a strong online presence. This is a great way to communicate with potential customers and display any sales, perks, or amenities that you offer. You could hire influencers to promote and sell your airline for you. Find someone who has a large following and enjoys traveling by plane to represent you.

Celebrate Your Loyal Customers
Even though you probably believe that your airline is the best choice for travelers to choose, you still must acknowledge that customers do have many choices to choose from. When you have customers who continuously choose you, you should find a way to show your appreciation. This is where loyalty programs come in very handy and cause you to stand out from the competition.

Loyalty programs are also a wonderful incentive to bring customers from other airlines over to you and encourage them to stay forever. A loyalty program could include earning free flyer miles when they fly so many times or so many miles with your airline.

Push Perks for Your Passengers
What type of amenities do you offer that you are proud of? Do you have free or available wi-fi for your passengers to use? Do you have tv screens that include different tv shows, movies, maps, and music for your customers to enjoy? Do you have or should you consider offering snacks and beverages to passengers mid-flight?

If you have a deep cleaning routine that makes you stand out from the other airlines, be sure to spread the word about this. Whatever it is that you offer and do better than the rest, let the public know. When you roll out a new amenity, make sure that you market it and advertise it.

Handle Your Finances
As any business out there, airlines need to charge enough money per ticket to be able to pay their bills and still make a profit. If you do plan on increasing your prices, you might give some thought to letting customers know in advance with the right wording.

Be sure to spend money in the right places. For example, customers will not mind paying more money for a ticket from a certain airline when they can tangibly see where the money is going. Many travelers are willing to spend more for a better experience. However, customers can also tell when the cost is not worth the product. Invest your money wisely.

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