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4 Tech Solutions For Airports Today

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If you've flown recently, you know how much airports have changed in recent years. Not only have passengers' needs evolved drastically, airports now have access to a world of incredible technology that can automate and streamline various processes. From the security line to boarding passes, there are so many aspects of air travel that can be better handled by the right piece of technology. Here are a few tech solutions you may begin to see in airports in the near future.

1. Blockchain Network

Anyone familiar with technology has been hearing about blockchain non-stop for the last year or so. It has seemingly limitless potential for use in both businesses and personal lives. Airlines have begun to adopt blockchain technology due to the constant need for more efficient data-sharing methods in airports. If you've ever had a flight delayed after you're already at your gate, ready to go, you understand why it's so important for airlines to improve their communication methods.

Any delays in data communication between the pilots and ground control create a domino effect that goes down the line until it has dramatically set back everyone along the way. Blockchain networks allow data to be updated and shared in real-time, with no delays and no opportunities for security risk. Whether it's for effective fleet tracking or communicating flight changes to passengers, airlines can utilize blockchain technology to become vastly more efficient and improve the flight experience for everyone.

2. Robotic Automation

A lot of the delays and wasted time that occur in airports are a result of human error. There are many areas of time waste that could be mitigated by implementing robotics throughout the airport. You might be imagining humanoid robots taking your boarding pass, but it's more likely you'll see robotics being used to carry baggage from point A to point B. Robotics has taken over a lot of easily automated tasks in many industries, from customer support to shipping and handling.

While the concept might still seem foreign to many fliers, it's only a matter of time before robotics become a common sight in any airport. Imagine being led to your gate or seeing the floors being swept and mopped by a robot. There are so many possibilities for this technology and airports are going to be taking full advantage.

3. Touchless Experience

The touchless experience has seen a massive rise in recent years and isn't going anywhere any time soon. In fact, most airports are going to continue to implement touchless technology due to its convenience and speed. Biometrics have allowed passengers to skip showing their identification, allowing them to use facial recognition software to streamline the security process. Many airports are also allowing for mobile check-ins, allowing passengers to simply click a button on their phone and proceed to their gate.

Other airlines have gone a step further in innovation, implementing smart scheduling and baggage modeling to avoid having TSA agents physically handle items that come through their metal detectors. Smart scheduling puts each passenger in a scheduled spot in the line for security, which helps to avoid crowding and keeps the line moving more quickly. Using bag modeling allows agents to see a 3D model of baggage and detect potentially dangerous contents without having to physically search it. Removing all of these small steps makes the entire flying experience more convenient and less tedious.

4. Cleaner Air

The demand for better airflow on airplanes has not gone unnoticed by airlines. High-tech air filters are already utilized by most airlines, eliminating a large majority of microbes. Some airlines have begun implementing a form of UV light, Far-UV-C, which can kill viruses while being harmless to human skin.


Keeping passengers safe is a top priority for many airlines, and it's a priority that makes passengers more likely to choose one airline over another in the coming years. Utilizing technology to its fullest potential is going to make air travel an increasingly pleasant experience for everyone.

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