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Flight Attendant Dietary Tricks You Need to Boost Your Energy Levels

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Navigating the airways every day requires a level of stamina and energy that can be difficult to fathom. Flight attendants need enough energy to maintain a welcoming and stable presence as every flight on their itinerary navigates the skies. While some of this can come from their personality and presence, there is also a dietary component that is also necessary. If you want to maintain the levels of energy that flight attendants do, you need a diet that can keep up. Here are a few energizing dietary elements that keep flight attendants going that can help you get through your day.

The Right Supplements

The reality is that your diet does not always cut it. You may need to give it a boost if you are navigating a long day or if you want a smart solution to improved energy levels. While you can go with any option available, flight attendants know the importance of the right supplement and understand the vital question of what is thrive in their pursuits for improved energy.

Carefully Considered Caffeine

The idea of getting through a long day without caffeine can feel like an impossibility for some; however, caffeine should be considered with great care. Many flight attendants scrap the caffeine and instead opt for a cold drink of water or green tea. Certain products like those that contain salt or a lot of caffeine can increase the likelihood of bloating and leave you feeling depleted afterward and this can be extremely uncomfortable in elevated settings. Even if you aren’t flying into the skies, too much caffeine or too much salt should be avoided when possible.

Reusable Water Bottle

Another essential tool that flight attendants use that can benefit you in your everyday life is a reusable water bottle. Not only does this give you water whenever you need it, but it can also reduce your environmental impact. You can easily increase your water intake to ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated with a reusable water bottle and a few helpful reminders.

Fresh Produce

If you feel like your on-the-go lifestyle promotes an unhealthy diet or dehydration, you can remedy this by integrating fresh vegetables and fruit into your busy life. Flight attendants rely on these essentials to give them key nutrients to get through their days. Moisture-rich options like celery, cucumbers, berries, melons and citrus fruits can leave you energized and ready for anything your day will throw at you.

Well-Balanced Breakfast

If you want to power through a long day, a healthy, well-balanced breakfast is key. Many adults make the mistake of skipping breakfast; however, this is one of the most important pillars of your day’s preparations. This is also one that flight attendants rarely skip. Because this is your first meal of the day, consider nutrient-rich options like eggs, Greek yogurt or oatmeal and avoid sugary, less nutritious options. You need to jumpstart your body and wake it up after a long night of slumbers, so make sure that you aren’t skipping out on breakfast.

Bring Your Lunch

While grabbing lunch while you are out may sound easy and quick, it offers you far fewer healthful options than preparing a meal at home. Many flight attendants opt for nutritious options that include everything from a salad to a nut butter sandwich with whole-grain bread. Sometimes the easiest route can come with unhelpful consequences without you even realizing it.

Easy On-the-Go Snacks

When you have a bustling schedule, you need to equip yourself with snacks that can keep up. Most flight attendants come with an arsenal full of healthy snacks. Everything from protein bars to fruit and yogurt to homemade protein balls helps them power up and stay energized even on their longest days. There are an endless number of possibilities that you can choose that are full of key nutrients and plenty of protein.


Flight attendants don’t have any time to fuss around and they need high energy throughout their long days. If you want to stay on par with these high-energy individuals, consider these dietary changes and you will see the vast difference that this can have on your life.

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