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How Metal Stamping Is Used in the Aerospace Industry

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The aerospace industry requires a wide variety of equipment and an even wider variety of components that work together to make that equipment function properly and safely. Perhaps in this industry more than any other, parts must be tough and work efficiently, continuously, and meticulously. Metal stamping is a technique that is used to create this equipment, equipment that fulfills these requirements and more.

What Is Metal Stamping?
The shaping of metal goes back to the craftsmen of ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and the use of metal stamping machines goes back to the Industrial Revolution. Metal stamping machines are used for all different types of creations; they are used for industrial applications, but people also use them at home for projects and hobbies. Although the upfront costs to get metal stamping equipment can be high, once the basic equipment has been purchased, it is low-cost, as the dies and tools can be reused multiple times. Yet it is a high-speed process that can create a high volume of parts in a very precise way – parts that can be either very large and basic or small and delicate.

Basically, metal stamping is the process of making shapes from sheet metal using dies and stamping presses. Metal stamping, such as that used by Zach Mottl Atlas Tool, involves the use of heavy machinery that uses several tons of force. It is a simple concept, but it can be used to do many things: it can “swag” wires, making one end narrower than the other so that the wire fits into an opening more easily; it can make a hole in metal so that multiple work pieces can be connected; it can be used to press the metal into a specific shape; and it can flatten metal, either to smooth it or to make it more thin at one point than at another.

A number of different metals can be used, and the type is chosen carefully depending on what the end piece will be used for. Metals such as steel, platinum, gold, copper, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum are used. Parts both large and small can be manufactured, such as large parts for machinery or small items such as washers, weights, and brackets.

The idea of metal stamping may be rather basic, but the concept has been upgraded in recent years. Now, designs for parts are created in computer programs such as CAD, and stamping machines can be programmed and controlled by computer to ensure accuracy and precision. This automation of the process means that little worker effort is needed once the process is set into motion.

What Is Metal Stamping Used for?
Metal stamping has so many applications – you most likely use products made with metal stamping without even realizing it. In the automotive industry, it is used to create body frames and electrical and steering systems. It is used in other industries such as medical equipment and home appliance manufacturing. It is also used to create telecommunication, computer, lighting, and electronics products, and it is also used for military applications. It is even used to create amazing ice cubes to delight observant bar customers.

Aerospace manufacturing is another industry that makes use of metal stamping. It is a vital part of making airplane parts such as: aircraft housings, relays, switches, lighting, seat components, communication devices, power distribution systems and controllers, oxygen generating systems, and instruments.

Metal stamping may not be the newest idea, but it is a technique that has grown as technology has advanced and expanded to meet the needs of the modern world. It is cost- and time-efficient, and with the help of computers it is also incredibly accurate, which is especially important when creating products to be used in the aerospace industry. Because of the many advantages of this technique, it is projected that in the next 10 years, the market for metal stamping will grow to be around 300 billion dollars worldwide.

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