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13 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Flight

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Whatever type of travel you're doing, whether business or pleasure, one thing is for sure, the flight process will be stress-inducing. There are some ways to eliminate some stress when flying throughout the process, though. These tips will give you a more enjoyable, relaxing trip and could even save you time and money.
1. Choose the Seat You Want
Typically, you can choose the seats you prefer when you're booking your flight. You can also do online check-in before your flight, sometimes up to 24 hours before, and reserve the seats then.
2. Charge Your Electronics
Charge your devices fully before leaving for the airport. Many airports provide charging stations around the departure gate areas, there are also power carts for airlines. However, it's always helpful to prepare beforehand.
3. Arrange a Ride to the Airport
Sometimes you prefer to avoid driving to the airport since there are fees for leaving your car parked at the airport during your travels. If you can't have someone drive you, arrange a rideshare ride or a taxi. Also, schedule your pickup ride before you arrive at your destination.
4. Pack Snacks
Food in airports and on flights can be expensive. Save time and money by packing snacks to take with you. Bring some protein-packed treats like nuts for a quick energy boost.
5. Take Your Own Entertainment
You never know what the airline movie is going to be until you get on the plane. It's always helpful to have some entertainment with you on your devices, such as movies, TV shows, music or podcasts.
6. Take Headphones
Most flights will have an in-flight movie, but you'll need headphones to hear it. However, they usually charge for them, and they're not the best quality. Bring your own; earbuds don't require much space.
7. Travel Light
If possible, avoid checking baggage. Taking only carry-on luggage can save a lot of money, time and stress. Before you pack, look at your airline's rules for the size of carry-on and how many bags they'll allow you to carry on the plane. Some airlines only allow one carry-on bag, but some allow one carry-on bag and a small personal laptop or another bag.
8. Plan for Check In
There are ways to make your check-in go more smoothly. Perhaps the most crucial advice is to arrive early. There could be long lines. Have your boarding pass and your passport in hand and ready to show. You can get your boarding pass via the airline's app on your phone before you arrive at the airport.
9. Sleep in the Airport
If you have an extended wait for your flight or a long layover, you can catch up on some sleep while you're waiting in the airport. Some airports even have areas specifically for sleeping. It can be an excellent way to dodge the cost of a hotel or get some rest if the hotels in the area are already fully booked.
10. Stay Hydrated
It's easy to get dehydrated when you're concentrating on rushing from place to place and flying. Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout your trip. You can usually get water for free on a flight.
11. Wait
Get towards the back of the line to board the plane. This approach will allow you a shorter wait on the plane. If you have checked bags, it'll also put your bags last on the plane, which means they'll be the first ones off, making for a quicker departure from the airport when you arrive at your destination.
12. Stretch
On a flight that's more than a couple of hours long, you need to move your body around to avoid muscle pains and blood clots. Get up and move around at least once an hour, even if it's just at your seat. Wearing compression socks can also help on a flight.
13. Relax
Taking a flight is an excellent time to get some relaxation. Get a window seat and bring a travel pillow to get more chances for some rest, especially if you're on a more extended flight at night.

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