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How Pilots and Flight Attendants Can Stay Healthy

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Working as a pilot or flight attendant can be an exciting job. You can venture to different places, allowing you to see new countries and cities through your work. However, this type of work can be tricky, since it keeps you up in the air for several hours and can have negative effects on your skin, hair, and overall health. Here are a few ways anyone who works on a plane can take care of themselves as much as possible with simple lifestyle changes.

Drink Plenty of Water
Before, during, and after work, make sure you are getting enough water to drink. Being up in the air can dry out your skin and you can easily become dehydrated. It's important to have enough water to keep up your energy and help yourself feel prepared for the demands of work. Drinking enough water might be difficult when you are busy, so always make sure to take time out once you have touched down to quench your thirst.

Eat Healthy Meals
Healthy meals can be a challenge, even when you land at airports that have plenty of options. Sometimes it can be easier to go for comfort food instead of healthy choices. Look for salads, meals that contain protein like chicken and fish (grilled, not fried), and try to eat these whenever possible. Of course, splurging every now and then is okay, just try not to make a habit of it. Going to a nearby store and picking up healthy snacks like trail mix can make it easier for you to dip into something safer without running the risk of going directly to chocolate, chips, or other taboo items that can mess with your weight and well-being.

Workout When Not at Work
Try to work out when possible. While it is a given that you can easily work out on days off, it is still possible to take care of yourself even when you are staying at hotels, waiting for the next flight. Many hotels offer gyms that make it possible to at least get some time on your favorite machine. Even if you can only manage 30 to 45 minutes a day, that is better than not working out at all. Or, seek out workouts you can manage from your hotel room, like yoga. If you find yourself needing some help with energy, check out the Thrive Patch and how it can work for you.

Get Enough Sleep
Sleeping when you work as a pilot or flight attendant can be tricky, depending on your schedule. That's why you should figure out what work looks like, and try to get enough sleep as necessary. If you will be up in the middle of the night, make sure you got enough rest during the day. This might be difficult at first or if you have children at home. But creating a schedule that prioritizes your sleep will pay off in the long run when you have had a busy day.

Take Care of Your Mental Health
Your mental health can suffer when you feel overworked and don't get enough rest or time off. Make sure you are checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling. Perhaps a vacation or several days off would be just what you need in order to recuperate. Many people ignore their mental state of being, hoping it will get better or that it will just go away all on its own. If you think you need help, reach out and talk to someone. Confronting any problems you have now can keep them from escalating as time goes on.
Taking care of yourself if you work as a pilot or flight attendant might seem like a challenge, simply because of the type of work you do, and how long it can keep you away from home. By following these tips, you can know what to look out for and how to prioritize your health, no matter where you are.

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