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Avoiding Burnout as a Flight Attendant

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Many careers have the potential for a high turnover rate, although there are some that can be more tiring than others. Consider what a day in the life of that job looks like, what their tasks are, how many people they interact with, and work-life balance. You may already find yourself in a position that has a high likelihood of exhaustion and fatigue, such as being a flight attendant. If you are considering going into this field, here are five ways to avoid burnout such as using an airport transfer service.

Eat Healthy and Often

The last thing you want to do during a long flight is forgetting to eat. One of the best ways to prepare for your shift is to pack snacks and healthy foods. Think about bringing fruits, granola bars, nuts, and drinking a shake such as an isolate protein shake. Be sure to already have these items prepared before the customers board the plane so that they are ready for the flight. You will perform better and have the energy to work with so many different personalities when you provide your body with enough nutrition. Make sure to also drink plenty of water so that you are hydrated and feeling well.

Research Time Zones

If you are flying all over the world, you must know what you are getting into. You should look into the time zone in the area that you are headed to, and make a plan. You can do this by setting your watch and clocks to the new time zone and living accordingly once you land. Try to avoid sleeping during the time that you would if you were back home, and do your best to adjust to the new region by eating meals in sync with the area. This will allow you to enjoy your time in the new place and help you to avoid feeling lagged and drained.

Do Not Overly Caffeinate

Caffeine might be what immediately comes to mind when you learn about a super early flight. It is only natural to want as much energy as possible without sacrificing much sleep. But keep in mind that too much coffee now can lead to a crash in a few hours. You do not want to feel tired in the middle of your shift, or simply go to sleep when you land in a beautiful location. Consider sipping coffee throughout the flight for an even boost of energy. You may also want to avoid energy drinks and try flavored teas that can be enjoyed cold.

Avoid Germs and Sickness

When you come in contact with this many people regularly, it is safe to assume that they carry germs with them. In order for you to stay healthy, you have to take this seriously. Stay on top of your hygiene by washing your hands regularly and showering daily. You may want to keep hand sanitizer on you when you do not have the time to use hand soap and water.

It is also wise to take a daily vitamin and even extra supplements during months that you usually find yourself sick. Be sure to visit your doctor regularly to make sure that you are in good health and to get advice on how to best be proactive in avoiding the common cold and other illnesses. Take care of yourself so that you can better take care of others.

Be Grateful

If you are honest, a big part of the appeal of this career is getting to see parts of the world that you would otherwise not be able to. This is something that most people will not get to experience in their lives. You can meet people from all over the place, which allows you to network and make lifelong connections.


Try to make the best out of each destination by taking time to experience the culture. Try new foods, learn words from different languages, and take pictures that you can show your loved ones when you return home.

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