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How Airlines Manage Their Data Effectively

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The modern commercial landscape is unique when compared to past generations, and its uniqueness comes down primarily to the reliance on highly advanced technology and a wealth of data. Understanding this is essential at every level of a company, not to mention a consideration that belongs in every business model. Airlines, for example, have to keep track of flight reservations and flight data, just to name a few datasets that impact the industry. Here’s what you need to know about managing your airline’s data.

One of the most essential ways in which modern businesses have changed is that of e-commerce. Simply put, today’s consumers expect a superior level of access and convenience to the products and services they need. This has led to a glut of e-commerce apps to meet all demands, but these apps can prove to be a double-edged sword. E-commerce apps can be developed in record time and at low cost thanks to application programming interfaces, APIs for short, that serve as templates to simplify the process.
On the one hand, this is great, because it allows every business under the sun to crank out an app to take advantage of increased sales and happier customers. On the other hand, a security flaw present in the API will necessarily be present in your airline’s app, and that means that hackers can identify the weaknesses of your API as a way to infiltrate your app and steal your customers’ data. Investing in API security is essential for your customers to safely enjoy the ability to book a flight from their phones. Another consideration to keep in mind is your API gateway, which allows your app to monitor and manage the traffic of users on that app.

Network Security
Another crucial factor of data management is the problem of the security of your airline’s network. A business’s network will serve as the hub that connects not only the various computers your company uses to conduct business, but also the company’s website and e-commerce app. For that reason, keeping it secure is a necessity, and this will entail a mixture of best practice and state-of-the-art software. A good place to start is to fortify the login process. One way to accomplish this is to implement multi-factor authentication to create a passwordless login system.
Passwords are notoriously flimsy in the world of cybersecurity, because hackers can easily deduce a user’s password based on the most common types of passwords that users create and a user’s social media presence, for example. Then, there’s brute force password cracking that can zero in on any password, given enough time. MFA and passwordless systems entail a randomly generated code for each new login attempt, and that code is sent to the user’s smartphone, making it virtually impossible for a hacker to get their hands on it for full infiltration.

Last, but not least, one of the most prevalent problems when it comes to data management is simply keeping track of everything. For an airline in particular, managing the data regarding flights and customer booking is a major priority, for example. Likewise, big data infrastructure for the sake of better business and marketing strategies depends heavily on accuracy, and both of these issues are further complicated by the sheer amount of information on hand. The implementation of an IoT and AI-driven data management system is a crucial first start, because it can not only keep things organized automatically, but it can also automate the acquisition of data simultaneously. For example, your airline’s app can transmit transactional and booking data to secondary apps for data organization, leading to fewer mistakes, faster turnaround time, and less human effort.
Managing the data for your airline presents an immense logistical problem, but this problem, like so many others, can be solved handily with the right balance of technology and strategy. This guide will help you protect your customers and your business with ease.

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