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Washington, D.C. to New York

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Washington D.C.:From Norfolk, Virginia, I flew the Cherokee Six to Reagan Airport in D.C. Once again, even though I knew there was a lot of water in the area, the extent of shoreline was surprising. The approach into Reagan follows the Potomac River, and the national monuments were easily visible, but I decided to land and go sightseeing the next flight.
For my tour of the town, I thought something low and slow would be the way to go, so I opted for the Wright Flyer. (I don’t really have any time in a real Wright Flyer, but I do like flying the sim.) Bad choice. The take-off was good, but I crashed before reaching the end of the long runway. I tried again in the C172, and headed straight for the Washington Monument. It was hard to go slow enough to stay low, but I circled the obelisk then headed to Jefferson and Lincoln. I think I saw the White House, but didn’t know where to find the Pentagon. The Capitol building, though, was impossible to miss. I circled the dome, then set down in front. It is a very large building. I taxied around and took in the view before taking off again and continuing my journey, a short hop to Baltimore.
Recently I saw on YouTube a channel where people all fly together in FS2020 and stream it. They followed almost the same route I had, except they did know where the Pentagon is. (Apparently there is some invisible dome preventing people from landing in the middle.) I must say, the 2020 buildings are infinitely better.

Baltimore-Philadelphia-New York City: I flew the Cherokee Six from Baltimore, with a stop in Philadelphia on my way to NYC. I looked around Philly for a while, but I’ve never been there in real life, so none of the landmarks were familiar. From there, I flew to the coastline again, going up the Jersey Shore. Water, water, everywhere, with a lot more buildings than the southeast coast. I’m guessing they were hotels and casinos. Even though I had been flying for a long time, I could see that JFK International was not too much further, so I pressed on. The program was showing lots of traffic in the area. I landed on the runway, and saw there was a Boeing MD 88 on approach behind me. I pulled into the grass to watch it land. I expected to see it pass, but it pulled off on the intersection just before my location. I followed it on the taxiway to the terminal.

New York City: I have flown the sim in NYC many times, but not so much in FS2004. I believe the previous MS version that I owned always started there. FS98 maybe? I remember it had the Twin Towers, and the Statue of Liberty looked like a 2-D picture with an easel like the back of a picture frame. (Or was that the sim that always started at Meigs Field in Chicago? Anyway…)
I took off from JFK and headed for all the tall buildings. I soon saw a blinking green pixel in the water, and knew it was Lady Liberty. Keeping low, I saw that this statue definitely looked more 3-dimensional. I circled the island, then headed to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge before turning uptown. I flew between skyscrapers, then around the Empire State Building before landing on a street near the water. (There is a YouTube video of a flight on an Extra 300 in FS2020 zooming between the buildings that is fun to watch. My flight was nothing like that.)
My next flight, I went on a very similar route, but I had changed the time to night to see all the lights. It was very pretty. I continued on to Long Island McArthur for a night landing.

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