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What the Best Airlines Offer During Overnight Flights

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Anyone who has flown a bit knows that airlines sell seats by category. Each category has specific policies regarding baggage, cancellations, and rebooking fees. Beyond the ticket policies, each class of ticket provides specific amenities, and depending on the airlines, they can be quite accommodating. If you choose the no-frills, basic economy ticket for your travel, your experience will be significantly different than those purchasing first-class accommodations. These differences become more pronounced when traveling on an international or transatlantic flight. The best airlines work hard to achieve high customer satisfaction ratings among all classes of travelers. Below are some of the best accommodations for those traveling on long flights.

Gourmet Food and Snacks
Most international flights offer food. Airlines generally will accommodate special diets like gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian for all classes, as long as you notify the airline at the time of booking. For luxury travelers, the best airlines offer gourmet food and quality snacks with a variety of complimentary beverages like champagne and a well-stocked bar with decent wines. Although tempting, it’s best to go easy with the drinks since alcohol and sleep don’t always mix well.

Sleeping Accommodations
For overnight flights, the best airlines offer some type of sleeping accommodation for first class and business class passengers. Seats that lay down and convert into a memory foam mattress are available on some flights. They also provide hotel-quality sheets, blankets, and pillows. Luxury airlines provide dividers to separate sleeping quarters and ultra-luxury lines provide suite-like rooms with a privacy door and do not disturb buttons. Rooms may even have mood lighting and beds that adjust for personal firmness with massage options. In these higher-class tickets, some even offer a turn-down service with a treat on the pillow.

Boutique Toiletries
Luxury brand products fill the kits on the best airlines. Not only are the standard items like toothpaste, toothbrush, and comb, provided, but they can include eye masks and eye creams to remove any puffiness before landing. Those items along with the steaming face cloths will have you up and ready for whatever your day brings.

Comfort Aids
Noise-canceling headphones and earplugs are pretty standard offerings, however, some of the best airlines offer footrests, slippers, and pajama sets.

The best airlines provide a variety of quality entertainment options and in-flight wi-fi. Personal televisions for every passenger are still the most desired form of delivery. Entertainment systems with moving maps and options with the latest movies, tv-series, music, games, and news are expected. Most airlines have been retrofitted to provide dedicated power outlets for personal electronic devices.

Shared showers are available on some flights for luxury travelers. This is the ultimate in traveling well. For a few extra thousands of dollars, it could be quite fun.

Coach Fliers
For the coach fliers, the best airlines still work to provide you a positive experience. Although some things like alcoholic beverages and snacks beyond a mini bag of pretzels will cost you money, at least they are available. Many airplanes have some fairly decent legroom in coach and for now, some block the middle seats. If extra legroom is needed, try to book an exit row or a bulkhead seat, they can be quite comfortable.
You might need to bring your own earplugs and noise-canceling headphones, sleep mask, travel pillow, and even a small blanket but it’s doable for the cost savings. Since you’ll be carrying on several items, consider compact versions like a packable inflatable pillow and a mini cell phone charger. Make sure you are clear on the entertainment options and what you need to provide.
When you book a flight, make sure and ask what they offer in amenities for the class of travel you are considering. You may be pleasantly surprised. Airlines want you to have a satisfying experience, from booking to arrival. If your travel budget allows, consider splurging the next time you take a long flight. You’ll wake up refreshed.

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