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4Tips To Stay Healthy While Flying

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Airports and airplanes can be pretty unhealthy places. This isn't new information, it's been known for a very long time.

Fortunately, there are several common-sense preventative measures you can take to maintain your health. If your future travels are going to take you to the airport, here are a few tips you might want to try.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Getting ready for a trip is often hectic. People tend to leave preparations to the last minute resulting in late-night packing and dashing off to the airport with very little sleep. You may tell yourself you'll sleep on the plane, but of course, you won't. Getting sleep on a plane is notoriously difficult.

You need to be at your best to fight off the army of germs you'll be facing at the airport. It is essential that you get a good eight hours of sleep before you head off to the airport. Plan ahead. Make a list of what you need to do to prepare for your trip and get your packing done in the days before. You're much less likely to get sick if you start the trip well-rested.

Support Your Immune System
In the week before your trip, you might want to consider giving your immune system support by taking some high-quality supplements. A vitamin D supplement is essential for immune health as are vitamins C, E, and B12. You'll be challenging your immune system quite a bit as you navigate the airport and your flight, so give your body the extra help it needs to stay healthy.

It is also important to make sure you are on schedule with all of your vaccinations such as getting the flu shot. Plan ahead on these as you don't want to be dealing with any residual reactions to the vaccine while on your trip.

Stay Hydrated
The nasal and throat dryness that is commonly experienced on a plane is a bit more serious than just being irritating. The nose and throat are the first defense against infection, but they can only do their job when they remain moist. Once they dry out not only do they not keep infection from entering the body, they can become breeding grounds for certain germs and illnesses.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your flight. Additionally, be sure to drink water during the flight. Bringing your own water bottle with you on the trip is best as that will save you money and limit your contact with an avoidable surface. Moisturizing nasal sprays can also be helpful. And it's best to avoid those in-flight cocktails; alcohol is very dehydrating.

Lessen the Chance of Contact Contamination
Regardless of how vigilant airlines try to be, the sheer number of people circulating through airports and flights makes it impossible for them to adequately sterilize all the common surfaces. It is up to you to take on that duty.

In general, you should avoid touching anything you don't need to. Some of the most germ-laden areas of an airplane include the bathroom, the storage area, the fold-down trays and the seat-back pocket. Bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and some disinfecting wipes with you on your flight, and use them frequently.

If you do intend to try to sleep on your flight, you may want to consider bringing your own small travel pillow and a throw blanket. You don't want to share items you are putting on your face and wrapping around your body with the passengers who came before you.

With a little preparation and a few precautions, you should be able to arrive at your destination as healthy as when your flight took off.

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