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3 Reasons to Charter Your Next Business Flight

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Although a private jet can appear to some as little more than a glamorous mode of transportation, experienced business owners use it to boost efficiency, cut costs, and stay ahead of the competition. When time and money are your most valuable assets, flying private will help you save both.

1. More Efficient Use of Time
The fact that the plane will not depart before you arrive is one aspect of private travel that professionals find appealing. You'll never miss a flight if you're a few minutes late, so it's fine if a meeting takes longer than anticipated. You won't have to endure time-consuming layovers that may or may not cause you to miss your next flight because private planes have longer ranges than commercial planes. Furthermore, private jets can fly at higher speeds than commercial airlines, reducing the time it takes to arrive at your destination.

Media centers, Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, and networking devices are often found on private jets. Since you won't be surrounded by strangers on a business flight, you'll be able to be even more efficient during the trip. For example, you can research topics like what is the best CRM for small business.

You don't have to wait until you arrive at your destination to meet with customers, check messages, or take care of important business matters. When flying in a chartered plane, many passengers claim they are more productive and feel less tired.

2. Lower Cost
It's important to remember that many companies choose to charter flights on private jets rather than buying and maintaining aircraft. When you compare the cost of a commercial plane ticket to the cost of a business jet seat, the differences can be startling.

Time is money! When flying commercially, you must factor in the time it will take to get to the airport and check-in for your flight. Then you have to check your bags and get through security. Boarding the plane usually takes a while and then you have layovers to consider. After you land, you'll wait for your bags, stand in line for a rental car or taxi, and drive to your final destination.
Flying private allows you to spend less time in transit. You simply check-in and board the plane once you arrive at the fixed-base operation, or FBO. You won't have to wait in long lines or deal with TSA, and the crew will take care of your luggage, which you will get as soon as you arrive.
You pay for the whole plane, not just the seat when you charter a business jet. You save more money per person by booking the plane with more people. When you consider the importance of your and your company's time, commercial flights can end up being more expensive than chartered flights.

Private business travel becomes even more economical with empty leg flights. You can get a cheaper flight by booking the return flight of a previously chartered private trip. These otherwise empty flights might be more difficult to find, but if your travel dates are flexible and you're traveling with a party, they can save you a lot of money.

3. Gets You Closer to Where You Want to Be
Each state has a small number of large commercial airports. As a result, traveling commercially also entails several hours of driving. Business flights, on the other hand, have connections to thousands of smaller airports across the United States. This helps you to fly to an airport that is just a few minutes away from your final destination. You can visit several clients in a single day, spend more quality time with them, and still be home in time to sleep in your own bed. A business jet can also be used to carry clients to you, which is a service that many people enjoy.

When it comes to cultivating professional partnerships, business jets are both impression builders and risk mitigators, so they play an important role. They are the secret weapon used by the most successful companies, especially small and medium businesses, to stay ahead of the competition, boost employee morale, and quickly and effectively solve urgent problems.

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