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How To Prepare for Your First Flight Lesson

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Have you always dreamed of soaring through the sky while operating a plane completely unassisted? Does perfecting the skills of taking off, flying, and landing an aircraft sound like the ideal way to spend your free time? If flying lessons are on your list of hobbies to master, now is the time to check that box! Until recently, flight school was unavailable to most non-military individuals. However, aviation training is currently experiencing increasing popularity among civilians across the country. Once you select a flight school or personal instructor, you will need to prepare yourself for your first flight lesson. With just a bit of planning and perhaps a little shopping, you will be well on your way to pilot status in no time!

Purchase a Headset
Have you ever been seated near the engine of an airplane? If so, you are familiar with how incredibly loud planes tend to be when they are in motion. From the cockpit, the noise is positively deafening. Therefore, it is essential to secure a proper headset before your first flight lesson.
Tuck this important device away in your canvas tote bag before your lesson. The headset will eliminate the engine noises, allowing you to hear the instructor clearly and accurately. Further, these noise-canceling devices protect your hearing from any potential acute damage or long-term auditory loss.
Though expensive, professional-grade headsets are crucial to successful aviation training. If you are not comfortable purchasing one initially, ask your instructor if they are available to rent. Just keep in mind that if you are serious about obtaining a pilot's license, you will eventually need a headset of your own.

Buy a Kneeboard
Taking notes while sitting in a cramped cockpit is incredibly awkward. Therefore, a kneeboard with a hard surface and clip for loose paper is a handy item to bring to your lesson.
From weather patterns to ignition instructions, learning to fly a plane requires diligent notetaking. The direction of the wind, airplanes on the runway, and traffic control information are critical aspects of aviation that you will want to retain and refer to later. A suitable notepad can assist your memory when it comes time to take your first test!
Make sure your kneeboard comes equipped with a velcro band, enabling you to strap it to your lap. You will need to write with one hand and operate the plane controls with the other, so make sure your kneeboard remains secure without any assistance.

Bring a Logbook
To graduate from flight school, you will need to spend a specified number of hours in the air. An excellent way to keep track of your time in the sky is to record each lesson in a comprehensive logbook. Documentation is required to fly a plane alone, and further hours are obligatory if you wish to carry one or more passengers on board. Initially, your hours will indicate time spent with an instructor. Once you have completed enough airtime to fly solo, you may begin registering your flight hours alone.
Not only is a logbook handy to keep track of your flight time, but it is a superb way to document your past adventures. As your aviation journey progresses, you will undoubtedly enjoy looking back at your early days as a pilot in flight school.

Snag Some Sunglasses
There is a reason all movie pilots are featured sporting aviator sunglasses. While the shape and brand are irrelevant, sunglasses are a necessity for any pilot. Your sense of sight is the most critical skill used while in flight. Therefore, shield your eyes from the glare of the sun with a decent, well-fitting pair of sunglasses.
Modern technology has allowed aspiring pilots to realize their dreams of flying an airplane. If flight school occupies space on your bucket list, now is the time to pursue your dream. With the right planning and research, you will be on your way to flying solo soon!

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