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Making Flying an Enjoyable Experience for Your Mind and Body

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Flying can be stressful, even for the most experienced of travelers. Especially when you’re new to travel or just don’t fly often, the thought of packing, navigating airports and the actual flight may seem so overwhelming that just staying home can sometimes seem like a much better option, even when the perfect beach vacation is awaiting you at the end of your flight.
Fortunately, there are many ways you can mentally prepare for flight that will make that beach vacation you’ve been waiting for well within reach.

Physically Prepare
Getting your body ready for flight is just as important as preparing your mind. If you can, get some exercise in the morning of your flight, even if it’s just going for a walk outside. You’ll be spending a lot of time indoors, so a few minutes outside, in fresh are will be beneficial.
Physically preparing includes immuno-health and protection from germs. Airports and airplanes require being in close proximity to others, so prepare your immune system and gut before you take to the skies with green superfood powder. It’s smart to pack hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in an easily accessible place for germ protection too.

Plan in Advance
Start organizing for your travel day way ahead of time. Don’t leave packing until the morning of or even day before. Knock out all those pre-vacation chores early, so you’re not rushing around watering plants and finishing laundry minutes before you need to leave.

Make a List
Take the time to make lists of tasks you need to complete before you leave and of items you plan to pack. Crossing these items off your list will ensure you don’t forget anything and also give you a feeling of control and accomplishment right before you leave for the airport.

Create a Selfcare Package
Give yourself some items to look forward to in-flight and make sure you’re ready for the long-haul. A selfcare package can consist of anything from your favorite snacks and a new novel you’ve been waiting to read, to items that give your flight the feel of a mini-spa. Buy your favorite luxurious lip balm and don’t twist it open until you’re mid-flight. Invest in a calming eye mask if you’re planning to get some rest on the plane. Including items like a toothbrush and commonly used pain medications are always a good idea.

Organization is Key
When packing your carry on bags, make sure one of your bags can fit easily under your seat. This personal item should be organized in such a way that you can quickly find everything you need when you need it. A duffel or weekender with many pockets will make it easy to quickly pull out your laptop or bagged liquids will relieve a lot of stress, both at the security gate and once you’re in your assigned seat.

Choose the Right Clothing
As you think about organizing yourself, it’s important to think about what you’re wearing as well. One of the most unique things about air travel is nearly any outfit is socially acceptable. Whether it’s pajama pant or a business suit, you’ll find someone wearing it at the airport. Even so, you should still choose your flying attire intentionally. Wear something comfortable but professional enough to be taken seriously. Be sure to layer to accommodate temperature changes, both mid-travel and between your journey’s starting and ending points.

Manage Your Time
If you’ve ever gotten on a plane and it feels like time isn’t passing at all as you’re soaring towards your destination, than you are a traveler that can benefit from scheduling your time. Make a list of activities you want to accomplish in-flight and schedule them out in 15-20 minute increments. The more often you feel a sense of accomplishment from finishing a scheduled task, the more quickly it will feel like time is passing.
No matter why you’re flying, taking the time to prepare your mind and body will help make your flight an enjoyable experience rather than an obstacle to tackle.

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