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How To Build a Positive Company Image

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Consumers today are looking for more than just quality products. They want to shop with brands they trust and companies that share their values. This shift in focus and reasoning has made it more important than ever for businesses to spotlight their goodwill efforts and curate a positive, socially conscious image.

If you're launching a new company, you may be busy creating a website, designing a logo, or building your client base. Although these are all vital steps to take, remember to focus some time and energy on putting your business' values front and center to promote a positive image.

Be Eco-Friendly

Plenty of businesses have started using solar panels at their locations to help reduce their utility costs each month and create less pollution. Solar options are great ways to save money and make a statement, but they can also be costly for some businesses who are just starting out or don't own the building where their office is located. If this sounds like you, don't worry! There are tons of other options you can utilize to show you care about the environment.

Recycling can go a long way in reducing plastic waste and saving costs, plus you can advertise your efforts. Lots of smaller companies have gone green or significantly reduced their waste by establishing recycling or reusing practices that benefit the environment. Some of them opt to use all recyclable packaging and encourage customers not to put it in the trash. Others might advertise that they find ways to recycle all of their waste, whether at a local plant or within the business itself.

Reusing is another trend quickly catching on. Many restaurants, for example, have gravitated to this method of saving the planet by refusing to use plastic take-out containers and honoring people who bring their own cups, containers, or silverware when they want a meal on the go.

Focus on Your Product

A great way to set your business apart from others is to offer the best product on the market and to advertise it effectively. There's nothing better for a business image than rave reviews, quality certifications, or a trusted reputation. It's nearly impossible to reach this level of success overnight, though. You need to dedicate time and energy to studying your product against others in competition and see where you can make your service unique. What are others doing that you're not? What's better about their product? What's better about your product? You want to consider every angle and make a fair comparison so you can see where you need to focus resources to get your service to the top of the charts. Make sure to highlight these key differences on your social media platform, website, or paid advertisements.

Once you can offer the best quality product out there, you'll see customers slowly start to flock to you. People love sharing their opinions, and rave reviews will quickly go viral if you do your job well. Five-star comments and engaging social media posts will boost awareness of your brand and also improve its image by associating it with positive feedback. And, all you did was offer value! Now that you have all these customers who trust your brand, you can be almost certain they'll come back for more. They'll start searching through your other products, opting into new services, and wanting to engage with your brand however they can. This is how you build a loyal customer base that will help you spread the word.

Be Personal

Customers want to feel special and valued, as if they more than just another mark on your quarterly sales report. To achieve this feeling, don't be afraid to get personal with your clients, even if it's just the VIPs. One technique is to write personal emails to your customers asking about how they enjoyed their service and if they have any feedback they'd like to offer. You can always thank them for being a customer, too, and remind them their business is valuable to you. This can go a long way in establishing a positive relationship with a customer and giving them a positive view of your company.

If personal emails are a little too time consuming due to the volume of your client base, then consider a targeted email marketing campaign. You can send specific emails to customers who buy specific products. These could include "thanks for purchasing" emails, "get the scoop" emails with information about new products, or "we think you'd like" emails with recommendations for other products. Those are just a few easy ways you can tailor your marketing efforts specifically to your customers to build a positive image of a brand that cares.

Get Involved in Your Community

Getting involved with the local community can show your business cares about the town it operates in. It's also a great way to meet the movers and shakers in your area and build a strong network of acquaintances. Participating in things like volunteer efforts, sponsoring community fairs or sports seasons, or even hosting an annual food or clothing drive can show that your business is invested in helping others. It's a great way to get your management and employees directly in front of your customers in a non-threatening way. People can make friends, talk shop, or just enjoy a beautiful day with your staff. This impression can go a long way to building a positive image.

Build a Positive Culture

Finally, you want to think about your employees because they help to build your brand image too. Whatever they experience at work, they'll tell their families and friends, and those opinions will shape how people view your business. This is why it's important to create a positive culture in your workplace where employees feel safe, supported, and appreciated. If a person is happy at their job, they're sure to promote it within their own social circles and influence the image of the company.

Building a positive brand image goes beyond just designing a good website and staying active on social media. It's also thinking about the environment, focusing on your products, getting personal, investing in your community, and creating a positive culture in the workplace.

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