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How To Keep Busy During A Layover

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Flying is something that has become a staple way of traveling all over the world. Whether you get an airplane to see a friend, do some sightseeing, or go to work, there’s someplace you need to be. One of the challenges of flying though is the fact that you may find yourself stuck in the airport with a layover. Instead of wasting your time moping, here are a few things you can do to pass the time.


You should never be in a layover without your phone and computer. Most people travel with these regardless of where they’re going, but they can be extremely helpful when you’re stuck in the airport. You can use them to watch movies, play games, or even shop online. Not only should you bring your electronics, but make sure their charges are close at hand in your carry-on. Your tough tablet will do you no good if it’s dead.


Although you may consider yourself a light sleeper, you’ll want to try and get some sleep during your downtime. It’s a great way to refresh yourself and help pass the time quickly. Since you know you’ll be there for a while, find yourself a quiet and secluded place where you can close your eyes and get some rest.


You won’t get very far if you don’t stay nourished and hydrated. Most airports have a large variety of bars and eateries, so take advantage of them. Don’t take the easy way and go for fast food either. Enjoy a meal at a sit-down restaurant without thinking about where you need to go next. You can enjoy your meal, take a load off, and nourish your body by sitting down to enjoy your meal.


Whether you’re on a business trip or traveling for pleasure, it won’t hurt to take the extra time you have to get some work done. There is so much you could accomplish since you are unable to go anywhere or let anyone distract you. You don’t just have to focus on work from your job either. You could also spend time doing things for your house, family, or self that you’ve just been putting off.


A good book can make your excruciating long layover feel like it was only minutes. If you get lost in the pages of a story, you’ll forget about where you are and place yourself somewhere else. Novels are always a good thing to have on hand but don’t forget about informational reading. It may be hard for you to focus on reading things that are more for educational purposes rather than pleasure, but this is a great time to get through it.


While time changes may limit your calling abilities, use this downtime to catch up with old friends or family members. You can find a quiet place to call some people and catch up on life. You could text others, but a phone call is much more personal. If you’re into corresponding by letter or long e-mail, now is the perfect opportunity to get those written as well.


While you may not be able to do a full aerobics class in the airport, you can do some exercises that will help you stay limber and loose. Between the seat in the airplanes and the chairs in the concourses, your body will be screaming for some movement. There are several different things you could do that wouldn’t look odd or strange, but you can always go for a walk if you’re still a little self-conscious.


Sometimes the business of life will make you feel like you’re running in circles without ever being allowed to stop. This layover could be just what you need to step back and think about things. Spend some time evaluating your life and seeing where you’re at. Make sure your personal, work, and family life are all in order. If you think changes need to be made, take the time to figure out what you need to do.

While you may be tempted to complain about the situation that you’re in, that won’t do you any good. Take the opportunity to do some of these activities.

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