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Transporting Expensive Cargo by Air

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If you find yourself in the position of having to move your office across the country, one of the most stressful aspects is figuring out how to pack expensive items. You may have a marvelous opportunity waiting for you on the opposite coast but arriving with boxes of broken equipment can be a real setback. Consider carefully how to move your cargo safely.

Packing Products
The first place to start with a big move is with the correct packing products. Standard cardboard boxes may seem like an obvious choice, but cardboard can sag, collapse and come apart at the corners if over or incorrectly packed. Corrugated cartons are sturdier than regular boxes and contain an internal ribbed liner. Wooden crates hold together well but are more expensive. It will definitely be worth it to use a higher-end packing method as insurance for pricy equipment. Shipping pallets are a great way to stabilize fragile items. Boxes can be strapped to the base which allows less contact with individual pieces. Shrink wrapping items protects them from getting scratched or broken as well as any natural elements like sun and rain.
There are several different types of fillers available depending on what you’re packing. Air pillows and bubble wrap are both great at keeping items cushioned and away from the vulnerable sides of the boxes. Packing peanuts work
well also, but they do create a mess when unpacking. Water-activated tape is the best at keeping boxes sealed.

Electronics are tough to pack because they are heavy, awkward and delicate. The first thing to do is to take off all the extra cords and pieces and bag them together. If possible, put them in the same box as the main equipment. Most people and businesses do not have room to keep all the original packing their electronic equipment came in, but for air shipping, you’ll want to find a container big enough to pad adequately. Be sure to use UDI labeling for medical equipment and to note that the items are fragile.

From desks to filing cabinets and from chairs to bookshelves, furniture packing is a pain. If possible, disassemble any legs or arms and attach them to the body of the furniture. Put all screws into a baggie and tape to the bottom or inside of what you’re moving. Wrap each piece carefully with blankets paying particular attention to corners that can get knocked easily. Use shipping-grade stretch wrap around each piece. Before you do any of this, check the furniture prices at your destination. It may be cheaper and less hassle to just buy new furniture once you arrive.

Lamps are particularly tricky to move because no part ever seems to fit easily into a box. It seems silly that a single lamp shade gets an entire box to itself, but unless you want to replace a torn or bent shade, that’s what needs to happen. Make sure the bottom and top of the box are lined with towels or bubble wrap and that the shade itself is suspended safely in the middle. Wash your hands before packing the shades or you may end up with smudges you must clean off before you can reattach them. For floor lamps, your best bet is to use a box specially designed to protect that piece of furniture.

If you feel strongly that the art on your wall creates a certain atmosphere at your office, then by all means, take your pictures with you. Cover the glass with a piece of foam and then wrap the entire picture twice with bubble wrap. Put the pictures upright in a corrugated box after padding the bottom. Put a row of air pillows between each frame so they don’t rub against each other on the plane. Make sure there is no extra room at the top of the box and seal the entire thing with water-activated tape.

In summary, it is difficult to move items through the air, but with the right techniques, you will be able to make it there in one piece.

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