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My Blog.
Well. I never thought I'd write one of these.

Ok, so, what am I up too? And where are my projects at?

Well, if you remember the Lightning F6 I was doing, that was the reason for me joining( see the Aircraft Design forum in Feb), that got put on the back burner. As did the SE5a. Although that will come sometime.

What I am doing at the moment is an update for the PSS Concorde, to put it in FSX. That should go out in the next few weeks.

Also, my major project at the moment is a series in Aircraft Design for beginners. This will take a while, and I don't know when it will start. So just hold on for that one.

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  1. xxmikexx's Avatar

    By what means are you able to modify the PSS Concorde for FSX? What was incompatible and how are you addressing it?
  2. Flying Officer Jevans's Avatar
    Well, the PSS Concorde does work in FSX, but there's the FS9 bugs, bits of the panel that don't work, etc.

    I'm working on it with Bob Familton, and we are not connected to PSS in any way. I am going to try to contact them first, but as they are out of business, I doubt they will mind. The website is down at the moment aswell.
  3. xxmikexx's Avatar

    PSS is back in business in a limited way, and the option for them to restore the business fully is there. Graham Waterfield's son Joel Waterfield is running the new (limited) show and is selling the PSS 757 through Flight1. So certainly you would want Joel's blessing before you distributed the result of your Concorde efforts. (But you already know this. On this point I'm really speaking to other readers.)

    I recommend you try to get in touch with Joel through Flight1. If you're unable, send me your message text and I'll email it to Graham for forwarding to Joel.

    P.S. ...

    I don't really have a relationship with Graham, it's simply that we exchanged a few emails after PSS closed, he being one of my aircraft developer heroes. Nevertheless, he'll look at an email from me, even with him apparently being out of the picture.
    Updated 08-05-2008 at 06:20 AM by xxmikexx
  4. dobar's Avatar
    Can't wait to see your Lightning when you finish it! Should be good!
  5. Flying Officer Jevans's Avatar
    Thats if I ever finish it.
  6. xxmikexx's Avatar
    I think that the Aussie Air Force operated Lightnings until very recently.
  7. Flying Officer Jevans's Avatar
    Never heard that one. You sure?
  8. xxmikexx's Avatar
    No, I'm not sure.

    A TV program from a few months back showed a Lightning on the ground and had an interview with the pilot, as I recall. Perhaps it's a distorted memory of the pilot saying that he had purchased it from the Australian Air Force.

    I just did a short search via Google but couldn't find anything recent so I'll consider this to be an Elvis Sighting.
  9. Flying Officer Jevans's Avatar
    It sounds odd, an Aussie Frightning. But, then again, you never know. Stranger things have happened at sea.

    But then, that would be the Navy.
  10. xxmikexx's Avatar
    You hope. Otherwise any arriving or departing pilot will be in big trouble.