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5 Tips To Thrive as a Flight Attendant

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Every career has its pros and cons, but some, such as being a flight attendant, present unique challenges. Flight attendants not only must cope with a constant change of location, but they also must learn to prosper in one of the most stressful environments there is: the airport. Airports are full of long lines, cranky passengers and the latest germs. How can a person in this line of work learn to thrive in his or her circumstances? Consider several pieces of advice that may help you as a flight attendant to not just make it through your next work day, but to actually enjoy it.

1. Master the Art of Packing

Like all frequent flyers know, having a well-packed suitcase makes all the difference both while you are traveling and once you reach your destination. A big part of the reason that packing well is so important is that it makes it much easier to transport your things and to pass through security checkpoints. Additionally, when you make the most of the space you have and include all of the necessities, you will be much more comfortable when staying overnight at a hotel.
As you prepare to pack your luggage, consider what style of bag best suits your situation. Roller bags are often very convenient because the majority of their weight rests on the ground. Try to keep personal items, such as your purse, briefcase or canvas tote bag, as light as possible. Finally, look for suitcases that have a lot of pockets. These will help you to have things like liquids or laptops accessible when it comes time to take them out as you go through security.

2. Embrace the Wait

There are some things about traveling that are practically unavoidable. Long lines are one of those things. Although you may be able to reduce your time in lines by arriving at less busy times of day, you still may have to queue up to grab a snack at your favorite shop. It is best to accept that you may spend a fair bit of time waiting and to find a pleasurable way to pass the time. You may wish to listen to music, for example, or check emails on your phone.

3. Take Care of Your Body

A sure way of making a work day exceptionally difficult is to catch a cold. Because airports and airplanes contain so many people in such small spaces, it is essential that you take preventative measures to keep yourself healthy. Be sure to eat well-balanced meals and consider taking vitamin supplements. It is also crucial to get sufficient sleep each night in order to keep your immune system strong. Additionally, remember to wash your hands and apply hand sanitizer frequently.

4. Strike Up a Conversation

As you may have learned while being a passenger on a plane, you sometimes meet the most interesting people while you're stuck in a cabin thousands of feet above the ground. Whether it's with your crew members or talkative passengers, be open to unexpected conversations. You may just meet someone who gives you a new perspective on life or simply makes you laugh. No matter what, these discussions make the time pass more quickly.

5. Appreciate the Little Things

A final tip to consider is to learn to notice and be grateful for little, unplanned blessings. For example, if you get to visit a new city you've never been to before, consider getting out of the hotel to have a look around before you fly out. Additionally, make note of every passenger who pays you a compliment or thanks you for what you are doing.
While traveling to new places as a flight attendant may seem like a glamorous position, it certainly comes with its challenges. Even so, modifying your perspective and making the necessary preparations may make your work week significantly less stressful. Once you've done that, you can enjoy the new adventure each day brings.

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