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6 Ways To Make Your Flight More Comfortable

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Taking a trip on an airplane can be extremely stressful for a number of reasons. Many people get motion sickness, dry skin irritation, fear of flying and more just from taking a short commuter trip. These issues can be exacerbated the longer your flight is. This is not to say you should avoid airplanes. They are an extremely efficient and amazing form of transportation. Getting from point A in your home city to point B halfway across the world is much faster when you are flying than if you had to take a car, train and ship! In other words, sometimes there is no way around getting on that plane. If you struggle with any of these issues or any other related to flying, then here are six ways that you can make your flight more comfortable.

1. Use CBD

CBD, which is an acronym for cannabidiol, is a substance that is derived from the hemp plant. It has been discovered to have a variety of health and wellness benefits and can really help you in a number of different ways on your flight. You can buy CBD topical cream to apply to dry skin areas. As the lotion soaks in, it will help to heal any stress rashes and will get into your system and help relax you. You can also orally ingest CBD oil, which will really quickly get into your bloodstream and help calm down any anxiety you may be feeling about your flight. CBD is a great asset to have on any airplane!

2. Get a Prescription

Sometimes, if your anxiety is really, really bad around flying, you can make an appointment with medical professionals and ask for their recommendation. They may prescribe you some kind of anti-anxiety medication or sleeping pill, which will help relax you throughout your entire flying experience. However, this is a very specific and pharmaceutical way to deal with any anxiety, so only consider this if nothing else you have tried will make your experience more comfortable.

3. Invest in Good Headphones

Another item that might help you to feel more comfortable is to find a really good pair of noise-blocking headphones to invest in. As long as you are paying attention to important messages and information from the pilot and flight attendants, you can utilize a pair of these to block out any sounds that are stressful and to listen to a relaxing or interesting podcast, meditation video or even your favorite music.

4. Bring a Distraction

This is a great way to make your flight more comfortable. Find something you enjoy doing but may not normally have time for, such as reading, sudoku, watching movies or something else you can do while sitting in an airplane seat and bring the activity with you! This will give you something to look forward to doing while on your flight that will also make your trip zoom by.

5. Dress Comfortably

It may seem like a simple tip, but if you dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable and relaxed, you will probably end up feeling both of those things even on your flight. Maybe this is a sweatpant and sweatshirt set that you sleep on, or maybe it's your favorite pair of jeans and a loose top. Whatever it is, it certainly will not hurt to wear something that helps you feel physically relaxed.

6. Take Stretching Breaks

Even though airplane bathrooms are small on airplanes, there is just enough room for you to do a forward fold and some head and neck stretches. Taking five minutes every hour you are on your flight to go stretch could help you destress mentally and unwind physically, thus making it easier for you to enjoy your flight.

Flying is an amazing and quick way to travel, but it does affect everyone differently. For those who have trouble getting on the plane to go somewhere, try one, any or all of these ideas to help make your trip go by as smoothly and easily as possible!

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