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How To Make Long Flights Easier on Children

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Traveling is a great way to spend time as a family. It's a chance to build great memories and to learn from new adventures. A trip can help enhance your child's knowledge of the world as he or she learns of different cultures, historical perspectives, and geographic diversity. With all the good things associated with travel, perhaps one of the toughest aspects is the flight from point A to point B.
If you're concerned that your child may find the time on the flight challenging, you are not alone. Fortunately, other parents have paved the way before you. Here are some tips parents commonly use to help make long flights easier on their children.
1. Fly Early or Late
A mid-day flight can be the most challenging for a child since it's during the time they are wide awake. If you book your flight for early morning or late evening, you can encourage your child to sleep. Time has a tendency to pass faster when you're asleep. Pack a small pillow and a cozy fleece fabric for your child to snuggle up in. Sleep with your child so he or she doesn't suspect you're leaving them out on something fun.
2. Bring the Comforts of Home
For many children, experiencing something different, such as their first time flying, can make them start missing home a lot sooner. To help your child feel connected to home, there are several things you can pack in his or her carryon:
  • His or her favorite stuffed animal
  • A favorite small toy
  • His or her most comfortable house shoes
  • A photo pillow of their favorite pet

What else do you have at home that would be easy to bring on your journey? Every child is different, so what one might favor, another may not.
3. Bring Activity Books
That fold down tray in the seat in front of you is there for a reason, and with kids, it's purpose will be well served. Pack a few different activity books for your children along with some crayons or colored pencils. Make sure you provide a variety of activities. One book could be for coloring, and another for puzzles and games.
For shorter flights, these activities may fill the entire time you're on the plane. For longer flights, they will at least take up a nice chunk of time.
4. Bring Snacks
The snacks the airline provides aren't always the most attractive to young children. Pack some small, healthy snacks for a break halfway into the flight. It will be a welcome distraction from the other activities your child has been engaging in. After all, a child's attention span is only so long.
5. Play a Geography Game
There will be times during your flight when you can see the land below. Allow your child to have the window seat and allow him or her to guess where you are based on the terrain. Give clues and hints. Of course, this game works best for children 5 years and up.
Once your child has made the correct guess, extend the guess to ask them to name three things they know about that location. This is an opportunity to teach your child something new or discover what they already know.
Of course, with careful planning ahead of the flight you can make this game even more fun. Casually drop bits of information about areas you'll be flying over without telling your child why. Your child will enjoy the game even more if he or she is able to correctly answer some of the questions.
Flying with your child or children doesn't have to be like the horror stories you've heard of or even experienced before having your own children. With some careful planning and imagination, flying can be a part of the adventure your children look forward to participating in. It can even be dedicated family time, and that's something that is good for everyone.

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