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4 Ways to Fly Despite Your Fears

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Flying is one of humanity’s greatest achievements, as it allows for the fastest and safest form of long distance travel. However, many are afraid of flying. In come cases, this is because of a fear or heights, or it may be because they perceive plane crashes to be much more common than they actually are. Here are some crucial life hacks that can make flights more tolerable.

There are a couple of very good reasons to sleep through a flight. While many simply aren’t bothered by flying and simply sleep through a flight, others would benefit from simply not being cognizant of the flying experience. If you have a fear of flying, you may already be using a medication such as Xanax to manage anxiety, but that can also help you sleep. Likewise, sleeping pills can help knock you out despite any worries you may have, and it can ensure a deeper sleep, meaning that even a worrywart can get the R & R they need to get through a flight. Sleep isn’t the only way to relax in the sky, however. You can also use Young Living Essential Oils to create a soothing sensation that can put you at ease. Mantras are a great way for some to reprogram their brains into thinking more positively. Some swear by this method, although many aren’t even willing to try it.

A great way to avoid worrying about unimportant or frivolous concerns is simply not to think about them. While it may seem difficult to tune out the miracle of flight, there are many ways to do just that, one of which is baked into the airline experience. In flight movies can be a good way to distract yourself from worrying too much, as it allows you to use headphones to block out the noises around and engage with some interesting fiction. Likewise, reading a book can be a great way to keep your mind focused on something more pleasant and/or more interesting than your fears. Mobile gaming is also a popular method of passing time aboard airplanes for those who are interested in them, and casual games can be picked up and played by basically anyone, including those who have never played a video game in their lives.

It’s easy to let initially small worries snowball into something more, up to and including a full blown panic attack. However, you can outright refuse to let this happen by staying self aware and mindful. When you start to feel worried, it helps to try to divert your negative thoughts in favor of positive ones. While it can seem difficult to do so, giving yourself a prompt and committing to it works wonders. Be aware of your breathing, as well. Rapid, shallow breaths often come with anxiety, and just like you can force a smile to trick your brain into being in a better mood, you can simply decide to take deeper, more deliberate breaths to trigger a more relaxed disposition. The most important thing is to be aware of the mistakes you’re making regarding your thoughts and your physiological responses and to try to counter them in order to stabilize yourself before your mental condition gets worse.

As mentioned above, flights are often perceived as dangerous, most likely because of fairly selective media coverage and the visceral nature of the occasional plane crash. In reality, more mundane causes of death are much, much more prevalent than dying in a plane crash. By getting acquainted with the true statistics of flight, you can more easily dissuade your more negative and impulsive thoughts more easily in order to remain calm.

While flying can be scary to some, the odds of a flight going south are pretty slim. Trying to ignore a legitimate danger is never a good idea, but learning to ignore irrational fears is key to living your best life. These handy tips will help you get through your flight, if not actively enjoy it, by tuning out negative thoughts and maybe even tuning into a movie.

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