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JD-Slow-Thumbs, Found A Big Wind Tunnel

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I think I found a wind-tunnel, a big wind-tunnel.
I was trying to figure out how to setup and document a KF-airfoil experiment tied to the front of my car without something breaking lose and breaking my windshield. Then I thought about indoor skydiving. Looked on Google-Maps for any indoor skydiving places near me in Los Angeles. Decided to investigate the iFLY Ontario. I talked to one of the managers and one of the instructors and instead of shutting me down they seemed receptive to my ideas. Like I said, I think I found a BIG wind-tunnel.
and their locator map shows 36 locations in the USA
and their Ontario (Los Angeles) location looks about like this.

Now I am trying to design experiments that don’t cost a lot of time/money

Thanks for reading
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