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JD-Slow-Thumbs, Introduction

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Hi, I am JD-Slow-Thumbs,
As a kid I was always fascinated with airplanes and wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I joined the USAF and served for four years. Occasionally I dabbled in Flight sims. Later I got into R/C airplanes, first fixed-wing ParkFlyers, and then foam board micros, and R/C flight sims of course. I am spending more of my time in flight simulators, FSX currently, and getting pretty good at reading charts and hopping from one VOR beacon to another. Now I am working on smoothing out my landings, and learning how to fly a helicopter.

A blog here would be something that I can show my friends, this is what I do with flight simulators. I have several things that I want to blog about here in a Flight-Sim forum versus an R/C-Airplane forum.
In coming posts I will be writing about;
Advancing my flying skills,
The evolution of my home SimPit,
And occasional opinions like advocating for FADEC vs Carburetor.

Thanks for reading.

link to my blog at rcgroups
link to rcgroups blog section

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