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Cherokee XC: Texas to Washington (Day 3)

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Harris Ranch to Red Bluff: I start on the narrow runway, with both wings of the Cherokee extending beyond the pavement. I am already pointing in the direction of my route, so I take off and climb straight ahead. I stay below 3000 feet, as there is no dangerous terrain along the flightpath. The scenery is nice, with lots of green. I crank up the sim rate to 8x and speed through California, trying to maintain a straight line. I bust through the Sacramento airspace, with hardly time to look out the window. Soon I am approaching Red Bluff, and return to normal speed. The runway is straight ahead, and I land straight in. I never had to turn more than 10⁰ from take-off to landing.

Red Bluff to Bremerton: Again I start on the runway pointing in my direction of flight, 330⁰. I take off and climb slowly, slowly to 10,500 feet. At altitude, I stabilize the plane (or try to), then increase the sim speed. Clouds build in front of me as I say goodbye to the central valley. The terrain rises, and I soon see the spectacular Mt. Shasta. After the volcano, the terrain is all green tree-covered mountains until I reach the Columbia River. I blast through the Portland airspace and on into Washington. The green shows more and more blue as I approach the Hood Canal and Puget Sound. I return to normal speed and start searching for Bremerton, which the GPS shows to be right in front of me. I descend to pattern altitude and the airport emerges from the ground clutter. After all this way, I almost screw up the landing by maneuvering too close to the airport and the ground, but manage to land on one wheel without scraping the wing. After a bounce and a slight runway departure, I settle down and taxi to the ramp.

PA28 -140 OL-DHD (MS2004)
From: 3O8 (Harris Ranch, Coalinga, CA) To: KRBL (Red Bluff, CA) To: KPWT (Bremerton, WA)

PA28-140 N55633
March 28, 1993
From: 3O8 (Harris Ranch, CA) To: RBL (Red Bluff, CA) To: PWT (Brmerton, WA)
SEL: 7.2 hrs.

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