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"New" Computer, "New" Planes

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I knew it would happen eventually: my old Dell running Windows Vista finally gave up the ghost. So, I got a refurbished Dell with a faster processor, more RAM, and Windows 7. Hopefully, there will be no more "fatal errors" when flying.

However, I have lost my FSX disk. Gone. I still have FS2004, but Disk 4 was stuck in the old, dead, computer. With a little research, I remembered the trick of putting a straightened paper clip into the hole to eject the disk, but my wife could not understand why I was getting "frantic" about "a stupid game."

Before I started recreating my flight log, I had never imported a plane file, but now it seems so easy (when it works.) I got the same Cherokee 140 I had used on FSX, no problem. I tried to get the fixed-gear Saratoga, but it just wouldn't work. Finally, I settled on a Cherokee Six; it is still a PA32, after all. I installed it and it is beautiful! The panel even works!

I was in such a hurry to see it, I didn't change the default airport from SEA-TAC for the short trip to Bremerton. I was thrilled to see all the gauges working and even the ferries in the Puget Sound. I made a perfect landing at KPWT, but then I rolled off the taxiway and through some trees. Right through them; the crash detection was not on. Maybe my landing wasn't so perfect.

So, it seems I don't need FSX after all. I just don't understand why the Port Orchard airport is 4WA9 in FS2004 and 0S8 on FSX (and in my logbook.)

From: KSEA (Seattle Tacoma Intl.)
To: KPWT (Bremerton, WA)
PA32-300 N30062

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