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Patience , stay with me...

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I am in a time of waiting, starting from january I will be saving for a new computer...I hope that my posts in the forum soon will be answered so that I can decide on which yoke I want and need..

I will purchase pedals , and other stuff as I get paid..

It will be a long run, but FS isnt just a game to me, its science, science about aviation.

Im hoping for getting online and fly together with some serious commercial pilot-simmers..I could even consider taking some time as ATC.

We who do this are not like the geeks who spend their life with WoW..We are actually learning something about aviation, something that affects thousands of people everyday..

I practiced some fs-04 IFR flying yesterday, but in a couple of months I will have a powerful computer and I will take of in the new realistic world of FSX, with a brand new yoke and soon thereafter a headset to talk to my fellow pilots..

Patience, stay with me..

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