• HRW Adventure One Year Anniversary

    Gigaquad Celebrates HRW Adventure One Year Anniversary

    August 3, 2004 Gigaquad marks the one year anniversary of The Hopping Round the World Adventure for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Imagine that, one human year and we have many more miles to fly before ending somewhere in the United States (see Progress Chart for HRW Adventure).

    I, David Dossiere, would like to personally thank all the registered and unregistered pilots who have played a part in the HRW Adventure and persist in flying every pack since taking off in the Falkland Islands. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected over 115,000 downloads from both Avsim and FlightSim.Com with more downloads happening every week. The HRW Adventure is the most popular add-on for FS2004. Furthermore, I want to extend a special thank you to the many developers, their supporting staff, and friends that spent many hours to create high quality and visually stunning freeware aircraft from the likes of AST2010, CSI Airbus, Dreamwings, Erick Cantu, Harald Nehring, FFX, FSFrance - Project Mach2, Historic Jetliners Group, iFDG, Kittyhawk, MelJet, makers of military aircraft; F/A-18, F15C, F15E Strike Eagle, F16 (Kirk Olsson), Tornado, Typhoon, F14B Tomcat, Microsoft default aircraft, Project Airbus, Project Open Sky and SGA to name a few.

    Not that I forgot but I also extend a thank you to the fine makers of panels and sounds to compliment what is nothing short of a superb job by many talented individuals with a sense of pride in their work.

    At the writing of this note, HRW Pack 61 has been released. The last stop in that pack is NFFN (Nadi International, Nadi, Fiji Islands).

    We have received many letters of appreciation for the HRW Adventure and we are working to incorporate more features in the next release. Yes, there will be an upcoming HRW Adventure following the release of Microsoft's next Flight Simulator product. I personally will make sure that we continue to do more Direct GPS but will have a significant increase in VOR to VOR, more GA aircraft legs flown, high and low altitude airways plus many other flight plans that will test the skills of every pilot that takes to the skies in real-world weather.

    We hope that Microsoft is listening and will incorporate the HRW Adventure 2004 in the next release of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    During the upcoming weeks we will be releasing the final packs of this adventure (about 40 or more packs), weird facts about the adventure, finish testing our new forum to be released on Gigaquad.com, work on building a freeware Grumman Mallard G-73 Turbo and some rolling out our "How I Fly" training tutorials. Stop by Gigaquad top stories section for more.

    That's all for now.

    David Dossiere
    HRW Pilot #1

    Download the HRW adventures

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