• Cessna T210 Centurion By Carenado

    Carenado's Cessna T210 Centurion

    By Peter Carlson (July 26, 2011)

    The Cessna 210 was first flown in 1957, entering service in 1960. It is basically the body of the Cessna 182, with new wings, swept tail and retractable gear. It was a four-seater, powered by a Continental IO-470. Over the course of the years, few changes were made, more powerful engines added, a third side window, and a rear window added. Then, in 1967, the biggest change in the 210 model line, and the most important: introduced was an all-new cantilever wing, thus eliminating the struts. The windows on the side cut from three, to two (the second being longer) and cowlings changed; it now seated six, instead of four.

    The Cessna 210 was available with a turbocharged engine since its inception, and this is the type Carenado have chosen to make. The most extensive model change of the Cessna 210 occurred with the P210, a pressurized version, identifiable by its small, square side windows; turbocharged Continental TSIO-520 engines powered all the pressurized 210s. The pressurized 210 was one of only three cabin-class singles to be pressurized, and produced successfully. The others being the Mooney M22 Mustang (only 36 produced) and the Piper Malibu.

    The Model

    The model of Cessna 210 Carenado chose was the Turbo 210 or T210M; 'M' standing for the variant of that model. The 'M' model was the model of 210 that got it as close to the most refined variant. Carenado's choice of this model was perfect, in my opinion; it has the best tradeoff for power, inherent design, and is close to the ultimate Cessna 210 (non-pressurized). Carenado did another fine job on this one. It looks, inside and out, as the Cessna 210 should. All the animations and performance characteristics are on par with the real plane, again showing Carenado's skill in making general aviation aircraft.


    First Impressions

    The Cessna 210 is one of the best looking Cessnas of all time. It has the iconic look of the high wing, yet is smooth with its strutless, cantilever wing; it gives this plane great visibility. The HD series that Carenado launched with their Grand Caravan has been again reused by Carenado here, and gives it a realistic feel, then again, isn't that what we all look for in a payware product?



    The Cessna 210's interior is much like any other's. Its high-wing design allows for an unobstructed downward view of the landscape below, a large instrument panel for IFR flying and navigation, while still having good over-dash visibility. The fact that Carenado finally put in a Garmin GNS530 has impressed many people; coupling it with the GNS430 makes it so much like the way pilots configure their planes today. Unlike the cheap Cessna plastics (that gaudy orange color) that were used in the 1970s and 1980s, Carenado this time installed a stylish interior into this 210, giving it the look of a modern plane, with fine leathers and materials, as many real-world pilots give to their older aircraft. Another added feature now, is Reality-XP integration being made easy for this product, so your R-XP 5300, 430 and other avionics can easily be retrofitted into the product. Many simmers love this feature; I don't have Reality-XP so I can't report on that.



    My videos of the Cessna T210M by Carenado were the first two on YouTube, once again, and have gathered many views. So here they are, enjoy! The first is my normal 'first-look' format I've been using, the second shows an ILS approach into Glacier Park International (KFCA/KGPI).


    The Cessna 210, like I mentioned before, is one of the nicest looking Cessnas; this being most true in the air. The Cessna 210 is a retractable gear plane, and therefore with its clean, strutless wing, large cowling and classic swept-tail, it is a beauty when her twig-like gear are pulled up. I have spent time around Cessna 210s, a family friend having one for many years. Although his is the first year (it has struts and four seats) I know a 210 when I see it. However, for some years, the 210's only distinguishing feature from the Cessna 205 (predecessor to the 206 and 207) is its retractable gear. But this model of 210 is unmistakable, especially to a trained eye. Now, Carenado have always done a good job making their product look like the real thing, this is done well in this product. The HD series exterior gives a beautiful look to the plane. Now you can see 3-D mapped rivets, and sharp lines on the paint and those tricky whip-dee-dos. They got the exterior animations just right here, the gear goes up like the real thing; the mains swinging back and closing up (this system is used on their other high-wing retractables). The exterior is something great to look at, and the HD-series textures have gone within the cabin too!



    If you own other Carenado products, or normal gauged airplanes, you will instantly be accustomed to the 'six-pack' layout of the gauges. Both a Garmin 530 and 430 are included, and Reality-XP is easily installed. For takeoff, the Cessna 210's wing doesn't like getting into the air at first, so always takeoff with at least one notch of flaps, for short runways, two is acceptable. Since this aircraft is turbocharged, it retains sea-level horsepower at high altitudes, therefore, you don't want to run your engine at full throttle like the normally aspirated planes you may be used to.


    The sound set features accurate and believable sounds from a Continental TSIO-520. Wind sounds, switches, dials, radios, gear, they all sound right; as would be expected.

    Bottom Line

    The Cessna 210 has always been a personal favorite of mine. I've always thought they looked cool, and now I have one to spend more time in! The Carenado Cessna T210M met my expectations, and of course, as with every new Carenado release, exceeded them. The Carenado Cessna T210 is once again a job well done and brings new items to the table like Reality-XP, more HD textures, and realistic performance; Carenado sure knows how to make a GA airplane!


    High Definition textures, HG Sound set, Reality-XP integration, Garmin 430 and 530 included, good animations


    None really!

    Peter Carlson
    [email protected]">[email protected]

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