• Captain Sim Boeing 707 Captain

    Captain Sim Boeing 707 Captain

    By Peter Carlson (April 9, 2011)

    Captain Sim has finally come out with their 707 for FSX, after their popular FS2004 model. Boeing created their first jetliner called the Model 367-80 or 'Dash 80'. It took, from its launch in 1952, two years to its first flight on July 15, 1954, making it the second jet airliner to fly, being behind the de Havilland Comet. The 707 was a better aircraft than the Comet, the latter being riddled with accidents, bad design, and rushed production. The 707 was a popular aircraft, with 1010 aircraft (including a faster 720 model) being delivered. It lived in an age of jet travel, connecting the world, and forever changed the way we looked at the world.

    The Model

    Captain Sim is renowned for their great aircraft, great models, sounds, and an overall accurate representation of the aircraft they make. I own their 757 Captain (Just Flight boxed though), and love it. However, the Captain Sim 707 has a higher level of realism and texture quality than that of their predecessors.


    First Impressions

    The 707 is well thought out, with research visible in the accurate model. It flies well; I like the 727 better as a flying aircraft, for their narrow bodies. However, this aircraft really bogs down the system, and the frame rates lowered, however, it may be my system, which is due for an upgrade. The liveries that are default are excellent, giving a nice range of aircraft to fly.



    The interior is well done, the features and textures spot on and almost everything can be clicked to do a function. The interior cabin is very realistic, quite reminiscent to the movie Airplane! The cabin is nice, and the cockpit laid out exactly to real specs. Everything is in its place; there are features that make a nice interior and one you wouldn't mind spending a whole flight in! A well thought out representation.



    The instantly recognizable Boeing narrow-body fuselage portrayed to exact proportion, the textures of aluminum, paint, and glass all fit perfectly to match the real Boeing 707. The engines shaped perfectly, they have a greatest sound, and they smoke, which is a very nice touch. The gear is well modeled, flexing on landing, and the nose wheel never hesitated to visually turn. The animations are the best, and the easy to use animations panel makes keystrokes a thing of the past. A very enjoyable exterior, and looks great on the tarmac.


    This is a narrow-body airliner, has a good range, easy enough to fly, and takes enough runway to make you think you're over gross weight. It makes good turns, and negotiates any medium sized taxiways with ease. Landing takes nice runway too, the reversers are good, but not as efficient as a more modern turbofan. It takes some getting used to, but if you're familiar with the 727, the cockpit will be easy to step into, a few different gauges, and panel layouts (four engines of course) but mainly an easy transition from a 727, or 747-100/200 or -300.


    Graphics Issues

    Now, as good an aircraft this is, it still has some issues that need considering. My system was bogged down by flying the 707, the frames were reduced, the screen jerky, however, my system does need update. My computer was optimized for FS2004, as my components were able to deliver full settings with top performance. But as I diverted to FSX, my system couldn't handle as much as it could before. My system is about mid-grade for speed, not the highest, but not that slow. So those who are prepared to pay $30.00 for this add-on make sure your system has the capability to perform at high rate, and postpone this purchase until your system has been upgraded. This aircraft demands more than the 727 or 757 by Captain Sim, but does deliver so much more. So please make sure you have a fast higher end system.


    Captain Sim has done a good job portraying accurate sounds, both interior and exterior. The engines are loud, as they should be, almost all switches make noise, doors moving make sounds, and with this model, the cockpit window has sound unlike their 757 and 727. The cabin has a good, believable blend of sounds, the clacker for over speed is the correct tone, and everything blended marvelously.


    Weather Radar

    Another neat feature is the period-correct weather radar, taking the weather information displayed on FSX and putting it onto the little bulbous red screen, showing you clouds, and their thicknesses. Nothing like the Captain Sim weather radar expansion, nor is it like the one on their 757 with colors for different weather types, but still a neat, nostalgic, and handy feature.

    Bottom Line

    Captain Sim has done it again, creating a best in class jet airliner, and a classic at that. They have done research close to a battle plan, seeing how accurate every system is. I recently went to the Ronald Regan Presidential Library, and saw once again the 707 on display there (amazing!). This product by Captain Sim matches every detail of former Air Force 1, as the basic aircraft goes, and I'm happy to have it in my hangar


    High quality textures, sound are great, good engine features, awesome interior, easy to learn


    Frame rate is an issue, if you don't have a high-end system, the price with the fact not all models released yet.

    Flying over beautiful downtown Seattle, after the rain ended.

    Peter Carlson
    [email protected]">[email protected]

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