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    Aerosoft Airbus X

    By Peter Carlson (June 17, 2011)

    The first Airbus A320 flew on February 22, 1987. It was the first commercially viable fly-by-wire airplane that introduced side-stick controllers and digital controls in airliners, the second fly-by-wire airplane being the Boeing 777. It was designed to compete with the Boeing 737 whilst having the advantages of fly-by-wire, new lighter materials, and new avionics technology and it sits up higher than a 737 therefore doesn't require squished engine nacelles. Since 1988 4,619 Airbus A320, A321, A319, and A318's have been delivered.

    The Model

    This product is the first Aerosoft airplane made entirely in-house without importing a product from a developer or having another developer buy one for them. This product is a medium-level add-on, with an exceptional exterior model and good interior. It isn't light, but the cockpit centers on the left seat, its controls, instruments, and functions. The CDU works, but is limited to the mainline user, making it very simple and user friendly, a very good touch, especially for an airplane that works great as a beginners airliner, if there ever was one, without suffering too much simplicity, and still appeals to all ranges of consumers.



    The interior of this plane, as mentioned above, is limited to the cockpit, with an interior cabin nonexistent, to help frame rates and simplicity for the user. I've never been in the cockpit of an A320 or any Airbus, but I can say that this matches completely the real A320 as I've seen from pictures, and the documentary on U.S Airways Flight 1549. It is an easily learned cockpit, simple PFD and MFD, with an autopilot that works like it should, and is as one would expect simple yet effective, like those in all modern airliners, an easy step from the default 737/A321. Great textures, and the cockpit functions are centered on the pilot, with the copilot looking identical, but this model is made to be primarily flown from the left seat.

    The flight management computer is simplified from the workings of a normal A320. It has easier to use functions, cannot follow SIDS and STARS and has a simplified VNAV system. Furthermore, the design of Airbus's fly-by-wire aircraft is so that many systems occur automatically and, as I've spoken to former Northwest pilots who flew Airbus planes, "the pilot is merely the observer, he uses his two main inputs stick & rudder, and throttles to merely suggest to the plane to perform the requested way. The five computers, simultaneously working the same information, consider whether it should do what the observer wishes it to do." Now this indeed has a bit of exaggeration, but mainly truth. The plane trims itself, controls the rudder on takeoff and turns, and can be overridden with a firm pressure to the rudder. Thereby, making this medium-complexity product was easy; you can control basic navigation inputs that are needed, like ILS, DME, ADF, and other commands, while basic programming is made to mimic the Airbus logic and how it should perform, so you can fly it without reading 400 pages of manuals.



    The exterior model is what really impresses me. For the price, this product offers a quality of detail equal to that of many high-end products, and a statement for an airplane that's the first made by the developer. It has great, smooth textures, great quality and detailed paints, the model is just great, and it looks in every detail like the real A320, a plus for any Airbus enthusiast. There are literally hundreds of Airbus X repaints available on the Aerosoft downloads web site on their forum, so no trouble finding your favorite airline. It has all the modeled features of the real A320, with textures showing all aircraft safety markings and the exterior is indeed top-notch. The reversers on the CFM engines are done correctly, with their unique 'flaps' they deflect air forwards unlike the conventional 'cascade' reversers on modern high-bypass fan engines.

    Another nice feature is the addition of many aircraft viewpoints, allowing you to get more interesting screen shots, videos, or plain in-flight admiration of your plane. One thing to keep in mind is that this product exceeds the default Airbus A321 in all ways, and although many are reluctant to pay for a product that represents what is default, this is indeed a great step up, and has equal FPS to the default Airbus.



    The sound set is nice, and sounds like the real thing. It has good mixing and it sounds good, nothing much to say here, except that Airbus's cockpit voices are British and quite funny (of course no offense to British, but computerized Brits are indeed humorous); did I mention they are accurate cockpit sounds too?


    Here are two videos that I created, the first was a request and second for this review. I believe these do show off the product quite well. Enjoy!

    Please also visit the channel by clicking in the bottom right hand corner of the video, comment rate and subscription is very helpful!

    Bottom Line

    This is a nice product, a nice model, is a great aircraft to begin with for an airliner, and will be a great addition to your hangar that you'll use after transitioning to higher-end add-ons. The fly-by-wire system is programmed well, as the program actually compensates for rudder, and auto-trims, however it can be annoying at times, it's a great feature to include. A great first product (in-house) for Aerosoft and is a nice addition to your favorite airline's fleet; that of course operates these Airbus planes.


    Nice exterior textures, nice animations, simple to use, learn and fly, real-world Airbus logic programmed to act as is should.


    A modeled cabin would be nice but not necessary.


    This aircraft was tested using REX 2.0.

    Peter Carlson
    [email protected]">[email protected]

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