• Just Flight Reports On Products In Development

    Just Flight Reports On Products In Development

    Time to go and Hover to your heart's content. DC Designs' new AV-8B Harrier II for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now on sale, bringing you all three modern variants of the legendary 'Jump Jet' - AV-8B, AV-8B Plus and GR9!

    Development Update

    From a Just Flight perspective this the latest on our current products in Development:

    FS Traffic is close to completion, decision to be made soon on whether we release this year or next but expect more news soon. P38 Tomahawk is blighted by external delays on the graphics front, this is likely to be 2023 now though for release. RJ Professional and F28 both going well, it'll be a race to the line to see which is ready for release but expect the first of these in the first quarter of next year, maybe even both. The F100 will be added to In Dev early next year too along with one or two new additions.

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