• IVAO Releases Voice Unicom

    IVAO Releases Voice Unicom

    The long-awaited release of Voice Unicom is here and available for all members of the IVAO Family to enjoy. For the first time on IVAO, pilots can communicate and broadcast their intentions to assist with avoiding in-flight conflict by voice.

    Voice Unicom is the most anticipated addition to our network. It is packed with authentic radio effects and behaviour enabling it to be a realistic digital simulation of radio communication.

    This introduction continues our aspiration to part ways with the historic TeamSpeak2 platform and the concept of joining a "channel" to communicate, becoming more and more of a distant past. Instead, this exciting addition uses high-quality audio codecs that are fully encrypted and accompany the already tried and tested Intercom and Voice ATIS systems on our in-house developed voice servers.

    When pressing your push-to-talk button, the voice server dynamically computes the range of your aircraft radio and regulates which other aircraft are within range to receive your transmission. Within a few milliseconds, it can determine if two stations can communicate with each other using calculations and standards published by the International Telecommunication Union and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

    The ability to simulate the loss of radio signal through the air is one of the brilliant capabilities of Voice Unicom, but that is merely one of many that has been incorporated. It also considers the curvature of the earth and the ability that terrain has to distort or block transmissions. We have stored the topography of every inch of the world in our voice servers, and using this data, the server can calculate the level of distortion the terrain will have.


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