• VSKYLABS Releases Rutan Model-158 For XP12

    VSKYLABS Releases Rutan Model-158 For XP12

    The VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': Rutan Model-158 Project for X-Plane by Laminar Research introduces a plausible aircraft variant, based on the original "Pond-Racer" aircraft. Initial project's objective was to explore the Rutan Pond-Racer aircraft design features, estimated performance and flight envelope using X-Plane flight simulator as an advanced flight simulation lab. The second objective was to design a plausible variant that extends the Pond Racer usability as a racing aircraft, to an all weather, cross-country sport plane.

    The VSKYLABS Rutan Model-158 variant is an advanced flight simulation model of a high-performance turboprop aircraft, capable of flying approximately 1.5 flight hours up to ~30,000 feet while cruising and can cover more than 500 nautical miles in a single flight.

    As with all VSKYLABS projects, actual and relevant real-life pilot-experience had a major part in the design, development and test flights process. In this specific project, several aspects of the aircraft had to be addressed or to be designed from scratch, to allow all required systems simulation and integrations.

    Simulation aspects covers a fully equipped aircraft with deep systems simulation (electrical, lighting and warning systems, comprehensive fuel system, fire protection, bleed air and pneumatic systems, ice protection systems, pressurization system, landing gears system, flight control, oxygen system, canopy system, auto-feathering and auto-ignition systems and more).

    A 50-pages, comprehensive, illustrated Pilot Operations Manual, including checklists is also included!

    The core of the project is a highly defined flight dynamics and PT-6A propulsion model which was built and refined to simulate the Model-158 variant in the most plausible and accurate way. In VSKYLABS perspective, this project reflects the basic concept of X-Plane flight simulator, where fictional aircraft concepts can be challenged and tested in the most advanced flight simulation environment nowadays. Although it is a *fictional* variant of the Model-158, it is NOT a "science fiction" project. It is a highly defined concept demonstrator.

    Development notice: The VSKYLABS development of the Rutan Model-158 project for X-Plane flight simulator was acknowledged and approved by Mr. Burt Rutan. However, it is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not related, affiliated and/or endorsed with/by Mr. Burt Rutan.


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