• Flight-Sim Maneuvers 21st Century PRE-SALE begins tomorrow

    TopSkills - Flight Sim Maneuvers 21st Century

    Advance orders are being taken for TopSkills newest flight-sim manual, Flight-Sim Maneuvers 21st Century. This new manual is a major advancement over its popular predecessor. Nine of the updated manual’s 18 dedicated chapters are new, and every other chapter has been thoroughly rewritten and updated. PRE-SALE begins tomorrow.

    Flight-Sim Maneuvers 21st Century goes into depth on every topic. All flight phases are explained from taxiing, taking off, climbing out, cruising, descending, approaching, and landing. The manual describes special maneuvers such as difficult take-offs, airport traffic patterns, stalls, spins, challenging landings, go arounds, and touch-and-goes. It further explains how aircraft fly and the importance of knowing the chosen aircraft and airports. Formulas are explained for calculating fuel needs, pressure altitude, density altitude, take-off distances, and landing distances. An appendix defines dozens of abbreviations and acronyms used in the manual. Chapters have exercises for practicing the techniques and applying the skills.

    Images and tables throughout assist with comprehension of technical instruction. All have been updated for modern simulators. Images include screen shots taken from Microsoft Flight Simulator ™ 2020 and diagrams made by TopSkills artists exclusively for this manual. Tables present specific technical information such as take-off and landing weights, speeds, and distances.

    The new manual has been carefully planned and organized, thoroughly researched, and precisely edited and proofread for the highest quality and greatest usefulness. It is in PDF format so all flight simmers can easily use it.

    TopSkills has been publishing flight-sim manuals since 1997 and flight-sim tutorial videos since 2010.

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