• TorqueSim X-Plane 12 Roadmap

    TorqueSim X-Plane 12 Roadmap

    We have a lot in store this year, including updates for X-Plane 12 and new products! Here is a summary of our projects and our current plans. All TorqueSim aircraft will be getting updated to X-Plane 12 for free. The AFM M20 Collection will not be seeing further updates, as it is being replaced with the upcoming TorqueSim M20R (discounts will be made available to all AFM M20 owners).

    The Updates

    TorqueSim SR20/22 Series, G1000 and Entegra

    We have multiple updates planned for this line. For the G1000s, we expect to release the 1.3.0 update soon, upgrading our internal processes and adding some new features and improvements. This update will also include many internal updates in preparation for X-Plane 12.

    Following the release of X-Plane 12, we plan to release a larger free update for each aircraft in the line bringing full compatibility with X-Plane 12, and taking advantage of all the great new features in the sim.

    TorqueSim BN-2B/BN-2T Islanders

    This product will also be seeing a free update to X-Plane 12! At this time, it has not been determined if this update will be split into two parts, like the TorqueSim SR Series aircraft.

    TorqueSim Pocket Rocket

    This aircraft will be seeing a free update to X-Plane, with the addition of the many new features X-Plane 12 offers, and some significant internal improvements, including a variant equipped with the Allison 250 B17 engine.

    The New Additions

    TorqueSim CitationJet 525

    We are really excited to release this aircraft. While we are still squarely in the middle of development, we do want to make sure we can get this aircraft to you as soon as it is ready. This will be our most in-depth aircraft from TorqueSim yet, and by far the most accurate and fun light-jet for X-Plane, or any flight-sim, to date. We are really going deep with custom systems, failures, avionics, and more. Expect lots of exciting updates between now and release. This aircraft is planned to release for X-Plane 12 only.

    TorqueSim Take Command! Mooney M20R

    What started as a massive overhaul has grown into a whole new aircraft. The 3D and textures are completely new, intricate, and absolutely phenomenal. The systems are being totally redone from scratch, benefiting from the custom engine model and systems in the TorqueSim SR Series.

    Both the M20R Ovation II and M20R Ovation III are being done with great care, the former featuring a steam-gauge cockpit with options to show combinations of the RealSimGear G5, RealSimGear G500, RealityXP GNSs and RealityXP GTNs, in addition to the default X-Plane GNSs. The latter features our customizations on top of the X-Plane X1000, providing a great G1000 glass cockpit experience. Expect more updates on this in the months to come. This aircraft is planned to release for X-Plane 12 only.

    The Retirement

    AFM M20 Collection

    The AFM M20 was the start of AFM Simulation’s venture into X-Plane development, and what led to the formation of TorqueSim, merging forces with the art prowess of Attitude Simulations. Seeing dozens of updates since its initial release in 2017, its time for retirement has come, with the development of the TorqueSim M20R taking its place. The AFM M20 will still be available for X-Plane 11, and all customers of the AFM M20 will receive the upgrade discount to the TorqueSim M20. The new visuals and systems are a remarkable improvement and will truly do the M20 justice.

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