• X-Plane 12 Release Is Imminent

    X-Plane 12 Release Is Imminent

    As just announced by Laminar Research, it appears that the launch of the new X-Plane 12 is imminent. As just announced via Twitter, the last item on the release checklist is testing the servers and updating X-Plane.com--which is currently in maintenance mode. Release is expected in 24 hour or less at this point.

    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      At last! I think I may be tempted. Judging by the demo and price an MSFS killer maybe.
    1. Archer74's Avatar
      Archer74 -
      Well I downloaded the XP12 Demo and had a spin around Portland and one thing is certain:
      if the Demo is any indication then visually XP12 isn't the grand improvement it was made out to be. In that regard it still looks very artificial and certainly is not an MSFS killer. The trees look very pretty but are standing very far apart, so the vegetation doesn't come across as a dense Pacific NorthWest forest but more like a loose Mediterranean pine forest. Lakes, rivers, roads, housing all have that same feeling I know from XP11 and FSX. Like building blocks put into place but it doesn't feel organic.

      The default planes also are not on the same level visually as in MSFS. Textures are far less crisp and lower resolution. Flying was pretty neat though. Liked that very much. the C172SP felt much better than the one in MSFS and the airports had more different AI planes with correct liveries.
      So if you're an IFR pilot XP12 will certainly be better in terms of systems, ATC and procedures. But as a VFR pilot I'm distinctly unimpressed.
    1. Blair007's Avatar
      Blair007 -
      Neither will ever kill the other. That's the great thing about it. They both have their greatness. Flying VR in MSFS2020 and it's scenery will never leave my computer. AND x-plane with it's realistic flight will never leave my computer either. When training and trying to get realistic, i use x-plane. When just wanting to fly (mainly vfr) and see things, i use MSFS2020.
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