• Tutorial: PC-12 Cold And Dark Startup

    Pilatus PC-12 Cold & Dark Startup - Real World Step by Step Instructions- 4K - Carenado PC12 Video 1

    By Laurie Doering

    Described as “The World's Greatest Single”, the Pilatus PC-12 joined the Flight Simulator platform on September 01, 2022. Join me in this video series to embrace and experience the PC-12. Follow along in this first video with the real world instructions for engine startup from the "cold & dark" state.

    Default MSFS program (ultra settings) used with no altered files or added modifications.


    Laurie Doering
    The Flight Level

    1. doering1's Avatar
      doering1 -
      IMPORTANT NOTE : The 2 red shutoff handles on the back of the center console between the seats must be down. The cold and dark state loads with the FUEL Emergency Shut Off handle PULLED. This handle must be down to start the engine 😉
    1. jmig's Avatar
      jmig -
      Thank you. It was helpful.
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