• Tutorial: Airport Traffic Pattern Entry And Exit - Learn To Fly Here

    Traffic Patterns Entry and Exit Tutorial MSFS 2020

    Airport Traffic Pattern Entry And Exit - Learn To Fly Here

    By thecorporatepilotdad

    Using the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook, two methods for entering the airport traffic pattern are demonstrated. In addition to traffic pattern entries, two methods for exiting the pattern are also demonstrated with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tips for operating in the traffic pattern are given as well as radio procedures which are given voluntarily and not required even when flying in a real traffic pattern.

    The 45-degree entry and the midfield crosswind methods are demonstrated for entry.

    For more information:

    FAA Airplane Flying Handbook https://www.faa.gov/sites/faa.gov/files/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/airplane_handbook/09_afh_ch8.pdf

    Advisory Circular - 90-66B: https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_90-66B_CHG_1.pdf

    This video is intended for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator for entertainment purposes only and does NOT replace instruction given by a qualified flight instructor. This video is also not exhaustive in terms of airport traffic patterns and is basic in nature since aircraft, airports, and regulations can vary across the world. FAA recommendations and methods are used.

    Youtube channel
    The Corporate Pilot Guys Podcast

    About The Author

    This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.

    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      A nicely done pair of videos. A couple of comments, though. A mile wide downwind is awfully wide, and at most uncontrolled fields I've flown can cause problems from pilots flying the more normal (to me) ½ mile (or slightly less) downwind, and certainly will delay operations if there is very much traffic. No problem in the sim, of course, and certain much larger/faster aircraft may need a touch more room, but otherwise I feel it's best to keep it somewhat tight to accommodate both Barons and Cubs.

      The other comment is just that sometimes you were entering the pattern for a runway with right traffic and sometimes one with left traffic- not a big deal, just thought perhaps some folks might get a tad confused, so thought I'd mention it, even though you'd covered that before.

      Love your demonstrations and commentary; brief, to the point, but pretty complete.
    1. thecorporatepilotdad's Avatar
      thecorporatepilotdad -
      Both patterns demonstrated were left hand traffic. A mile is wide but as you stated, the distance can vary with the performance of the aircraft. When flying a pattern in my work vehicle we are every bit of a mile away from the runway on downwind but that is at a ref speed of 140 at MLW and normally won't go less than 150 to 160 knots when maneuvering and that's with full flaps. The 1/2 to 1 mile figure came straight out of the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook.

      I appreciate your comments and enjoy reading them every time. There are more videos completed and submitted to this site so get your comments ready!
    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      Hmmm... got a partial duplication here, so edited this one.
    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      Both patterns demonstrated were left hand traffic.
      Sorry- the right hand patterns must have been in the other video. Guess my mind mixer is working overtime.

      And yes, I can see a mile in a jet, speed makes a big difference -- my thinking is typically thinking of piston singles and light twins, and I've seen too many mixups over the years from carelessness in the pattern.

      Thanks again for your good job here.
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