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    It has been a long busy 16 months for AOA Simulations but we are finally approaching the point where we can see the approach strobe lights through the fog of our long T-6A Texan II development effort.

    The project turned into more of a study level aircraft simulation than any of our other projects and will set a new minimum standard for our efforts going forward.

    We still have some 3D details to polish, to hunt for bugs that could remain in the avionics code and especially to test, test and test again.

    A lot of documentation work is in progress (thanks to Steve DeBauche) to allow you to quickly master the aircraft. We are also eager to discover and test the FMOD package developed by SimAccoustics.

    Now it's time to tell you about another project, highly anticipated by a large part of the community. I am of course referring to our new V-22 Osprey.

    Let me reassure you: the project is not dead. It was simply on hold due to lack of human resources.

    When we started to work on the textures, we unfortunately had to realize that our 3D model had some big mistakes. The shape of the flaps was incorrect, the leading and trailing edges of the wings were not parallel, the tail was too short, the cargo doors were not rectangular. The wing folding animation caused collisions with the rest of the fuselage. It was a total no go for us!

    So we decided to rework the 3D model before going any further. It will certainly continue to evolve in the coming weeks.

    We have also created a new library of generic and reusable digital gauges for the Texan II. This library will greatly benefit the V-22 project.


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      MooseGB -

      I think this is is all X-plane news.
    1. xneptune's Avatar
      xneptune -
      Maybe should have asked MaryadI for assistance. He built a beautiful MV-22B himself. Of course they would not be able to charge an arm and a leg, then.
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