• Taburet - Canada Birds MSFS

    Taburet - Canada Birds MSFS

    Birds simulation system featuring multilayers of birds covering the entire Canada up to north 64 latitude. No less than 68 million birds are injected by this scenery into the simulator, using a multilayer system to ensure that each flock of birds you come across is unique in shape, number of birds and movement.

    The birds start to be seen from an altitude of 60 feet (pigeons); transitioning into multilayer system up all the way to 500 m altitude above ground. Birds might show the form of big flocks, medium flocks, small flocks or as single birds, couples or triplets. There no fixed formation or number how the birds might show in the sky; they are free to fly as they please. Includes following species: pigeons, geese, crows, birds of prey and seagulls.

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