• FlightFactor 767-400ER v1.5.6 Now Available

    FlightFactor Boeing 767-400 ER Professional XP Released

    Version 1.5.6 Changelog

    • Added transition level input to descent page (ALL)
    • Fixed yoke aileron trim marker (ALL)
    • Fixed -SF cockpit issue (-SF)
    • Fixed missed target hdg line on CTR ND modes (400)
    • Fixed various issues in cockpit 3d (400)
    • Fixed kg/lb option doesn't affect eicas displaying (400)
    • Fixed more for possible wrong TOD time displaying (ALL)
    • Fixed the issue when you cannot do direct-to via first line when an holding pattern is the active leg (ALL)
    • Fixed unexpected insufficient fuel message after touchdown (ALL)
    • Fixed some bugs in route activation logic, before, it can get it messed up when cancel activation of another route (ALL)
    • Fixed possible unexpected MOD header for inactive route (ALL)
    • Fixed some tooltips not appearing in the tablet (ALL)
    • Fixed some interaction inconveniences in the tablet gui elements (ALL)
    • Improved usability of navigraph charts function:
      • Made not scaled with the chart the airplane symbol (ALL)
      • Added highlighting of current chart in the list and current of pinned tabs (ALL)
    • Changed the loader location (400)

    FlightFactor Boeing 767-400 ER Professional XP Released

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