• RonTom's Most Epic Adventure

    RonTom's Most Epic Adventure

    By Ron B and Tom O

    RonTom4: Tuscany Italy

    What is RonTom?

    What are the RonTom Adventures? Ron and Tom are a couple of "old-time flight simmers" who, are entertained by telling stories and intrigued by exploring new places. So, we've combined these loves in this feature, taking simmers to real world locations that we think are completely worth visiting! If we had unlimited funds (and empty passports) we would most certainly be visiting the locations offered in this feature but in the meantime, we are left with Google Earth and Wikipedia and Flightsim.

    Previously, we offered a huge RonTom feature across the US, from Chicago to Santa Monica ... Route 66! This feature makes Route 66 look like a stroll around the park. Dating back to the BC era, "The Silk Road" wasn't actually A ROAD but a series of routes from the Mediterranean Basin to SE Asia! These trade routes were used by the Babylonian, Greek and Roman Empires.

    Rontom - Silk Road

    There are so many places, so many highlights along this route that I'm not going to even attempt to "recommend" where you should fly. The ancient city of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) is beautiful and welcoming. The new Istanbul Airport signifies that the region is still a major world crossroads.

    Rontom - Silk Road

    You could start your flight from there. In college, I had a roommate from Beirut and I have been intrigued with Lebanon (and its scenic location) for decades so I'll start my FS videos from there.

    Rontom - Silk Road

    But, these suggestions are only the beginning of the land route. Perhaps you'd rather check out northern Iran in your sim.

    Rontom - Silk Road

    Perhaps you'd like to explore your sim-version of Tibet or explore around Kabul.

    Rontom - Silk Road

    What we are asking is for you to check out ANYTHING along this route!

    Rontom - Silk Road

    There are options for you to explore from Turkmenistan to Hong Kong.

    Rontom - Silk Road

    Because this feature is so huge, we'd never expect you to fly the entire route in your sims but we would like to see you fly SOMETHING (I don't even have a clue what Tom is going to do).

    So, how about you take a little tour ALONG THE SILK road and then share that with us at: [email protected].

    For Ron's part of this, as noted above, I'm starting my first option from Beirut: Beirut → Aleppo → Uromiyeh → Dasht-E-Naz (OINZ) which is about 1100 miles.

    Okay, that was fun, let's continue on: Dasht-E-Naz (OINZ) to Kabul (OAKB) is about 1000 miles.

    Like I said, if you'd just like to fly some laps around the Southern Caspian or buzz downtown Hong Kong it's totally up to you but we encourage you to, check out the map above and pick somewhere to fly.

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    1. sfgarland's Avatar
      sfgarland -
      As always, interesting reading and always like new ways to explore in FS. thank you
    1. CTarana45's Avatar
      CTarana45 -
      I think you guy's are doing Excellent!
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