• Seafront Simulations Demonstrates Landable Ships MSFS

    Seafront Simulations Demonstrates Landable Ships MSFS

    Having landable ships opens up new flight possibilities for helicopter pilots. Seafront Simulations is working on a custom implementation of landable ships and offers a short video demonstration.

    About Seafront Simulations

    Boats for MSFS - We create Coastal Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

    We are bringing tens of thousands of ships, yachts and boats to MSFS, filling empty marinas, bringing nautical traffic to the coastline and shipping lanes.

    Seafront Simulations web site

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    1. Rupert's Avatar
      Rupert -
      Nice concept!

      Having said that a few more additions will make it so much better and more lifelike! I noticed the ship wasn't moving. RW having wind across the bow and landing pad makes the pilot's job much easier! Also I didn't notice any "Ground Cushion" effect at low altitude.

      But what a great start!!
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