• F-35 Autopilot, Carrier Functionality And Dragon Livery Update by IndiaFoxtEcho

    IndiaFoxtEcho - F-35 Lightning II for MSFS 2020

    Starting from this release, the key binding for HOOK/STOVL is changed to the TOGGLE TAIL HOOK LEVER command.
    Also, in order to use the catapult launch functionality, in addition to extending the launch bar and setting the throttle to full military, you now have to apply brakes.

    • solved minor bug causing incorrect button description in some MENU areas
    • changed Autopilot Hold code so that multiple slots are ignored, so that the altitude hold should be more reliable now
    • added autotrim function: autotrim is active when AP is not engaged and gear is up. Can be toggled with the TRIM button on the stick.
    • added “dragon” aggressor livery, courtesy of Christoph Tantow
    • slight increase to turn capability (all models)
    • draft implementation of autopilot APProach mode
    • it is now possible to input the AP vertical speed (although there seems to be a 3000 ft/min hardcoded limit)
    • summary of AP status is reported on FAB (similarly to real aircraft)
    • replaced APP HOLD with VS HOLD
    • fixed range and ceiling values in aircraft selection UI
    • changed “catapult launch” logic: it is now necessary to hold the brakes (along with extending the launch bar and incresing RPM) – releasing the brakes will start the launch.
    • changed “catapult launch” and “arrestor wire” logic, so this is now limited to altituded compatible with carrier decks
    • restricted STOVL altitude for realism
    • restored HMD default setting to “UNCAGED” following user feedback
    • fixed bug preventing canopy effects to show on F-35A canopy
    • fixed bug causing excessive icing effect on F-35C canopy
    • change HOOK/STOVL proxy command to TOGGLE TAIL HOOK HANDLE
    • added “RELEASE BRAKESFOR CATAPULT LAUNCH” caption to FCS page
    • fixed minor glitch in full-page FCS mode

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    1. valero's Avatar
      valero -
      This is a great plane that fully uses the full capabilities of MSFS. Worth investing on it!!
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